Welcome to the working class

Working Class. What does that mean to you? Bruce Springsteen? Blue Collar? Manual Laborers? It’s easier than that. Those who work for a living. The American Dream has always promised an escape from the tedium of labor. The Bourgeois had long before broken from the laborers, setting themselves apart from those who possessed no property or education. But Bourgeois are still workers. So are white collar workers and professionals. The middle class, the upper middle class and frequenly beyond. Who is not working class? The Leisure Class.

Why make the distinction? Because of the increasing gap between the rich and poor. The haves gather more and the have-nots less. Less money yes, and less leisure. The famed middle class aspirations of education and pursuit of personaly fulfillment will be soon be out of reach. A great bubble of self-delusion keeps the American populace from fully embracing their peers. A belief that a little hard work, or good fortune, entitlement, will elevate them above their station, above the problems of their neighbors and co-workers.

Paris Hilton, heir to what could have been an aimless life of leisure, decided to work. Bill Gates works. As do the Bushes.

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