14 year olders with guns and my hike last Sunday

What makes the US such a dangerous place where constantly kids go bezerk? It is the constant militarism of our society, the bleak and bare social landscape. From Littleton to Cleveland, no place is safe.

Strangely enough, this last Sunday I went for a hike with my family at the Dear Creek Open Space and found ourselves above a gigantic Lockheed building in the middle of countryside nowhere outside Littleton, Colorado. How strange… Bowling for Columbine by Michael Moore… Seeing this building from the hiking trail brought back to my mind Michael Moore’s movie.

Lockheed to Cleveland to Blackwater to Littleton to where next? Guns are us. No place in the world will be safe until we disarm ourselves.

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  1. Avatar Lane says:

    Over half of Lookheed’s Littleton building was invisible to you Tony because it’s underground. That place is FRICKIN’ HUGE! And rightly so, Lookheed happens to be one of the top global corporations, according to a recent Forbes magazine article listing the 2000 biggest, richest, most powerful corporations in the world.

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