George W. Bush, Holocaust denier?!?

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, according to much of the US press, supposedly has denied that there was a Jewish holocaust. In some countries of Europe, that can get you a jail sentence even.

In fact, the whole US House (minus only 2 Congressmen) voted to get the UN to go after Ahmadinejad for being a Holocaust denier. They want the UN to jail him! But what about President George W. Bush? This BBC report just in

Yes, it turns out that our very own US president is a Holocaust denier. He seems so honest and educated, but there you have it. He is asking the very same US Congress that wants Ahmadinejad punished for supposedly denying the existence of the Jewish Holocaust, he wants that very same Congress to deny the existence of the Armenian holocaust of WW1!

Can you stoop any lower than this? Can you be any dumber than this? I think not. Jail George W. Bush for being a Holocaust denier! Jail him now!

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3 Responses to George W. Bush, Holocaust denier?!?

  1. Avatar Steve Savage says:

    We kind of expect this silliness from Ahmadinejad, but to hear it from Bush pretty much pounds home the reality that Bush cares little about truth or morality and lives a life of objective politics.

    The Bush Regime is truly bankrupt of morality, and has become one big laughingstock. Larry Craig only tried to get some cheap anonymous homo sex from an undercover cop, but Bush has decided to prostitute out the entire country’s reputation.

  2. Eric Eric says:

    If Armenia is labeled a genocide, we might have to carve land out of the Middle East to make it up to them. A third of Israel perhaps?

  3. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Armenia has their own country at least and the land had to be taken from nobody.

    What IS needed is a Homeland for the Kurdish nation since the Turks and Bush are both genocide deniers in general. Part of Eastern Turkey would do just fine when added to the ethnic cleansing the US is already engaged in in Northern Iraq.

    Send in the the Marines to Ankara and Istanbul, Hillary! Us US taxpayers will pay for it! We are all humanitarians here in America!

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