a couple of pictures from another blogspot.

I got these from wallstreetjackass.typepad.com Now I just got to upload them.

Also there was a serious little bit, somebody had emailed it in, on Christmas Eve last, in the Green Zone a Blackwater (private militia, Civilian security contractors, mercenary police) employee at a christmas party, drunk, shot an Iraqi private security guard 10 times killing him. The writer asked what the hell was this guy doing with his weapon when he was drunk? And mentioned that Blackwater had rushed him out of country before the Local Cops could have him. And that it was being hushed up. but that last is no surprise. He concluded that Blackwater personnel are now forcibly on the wagon, until further notice.

I remember these cats from when Soldier Of Fortune was still running employment ads. They used to offer amongst other things, tidied up paperwork, anonymity while on the “job” and presumably all the civilians they could “interrogate”

But you notice that when one of them gets offed the R’s always insist on their media whores describing him as a CIVILIAN contractor. There is definitely something seriously wrong here….

just can’t put my finger on it….

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