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I did a yahoo answer for her, on the subject of how to apply for a discharge from the Navy. She is a young ensign, married, and recently found out she is expecting. She doesn’t really go into specifics as to why she is fed up with the military lifestyle, I could only remember my experience and judge from that, I got out of the Air Force because there was no room for individual morals, individual thought, individual decision making, you are basically a half machine, a person brought to the level of being a tool or weapon which kills, or refrains from killing, only by orders.

She needs help finding people who will can help her dealing with the Navy. I know the Chaplains Corps and the JAG aren’t legally allowed to actually help somebody out. Not in that way literally.

Nor are the Medical divisions.

When my niece was experiencing similar problems, her child was about to be born and with a health problem involving his stomach, they had to deliver him C-section and rush him to surgery immediately,

Poor kid was under guarded condition for the first year of his life.

There’s a provision in the UCMJ and Navy (she was a Marine, but same story) protocols that provide for and even mandate that at least one parent be allowed to care for a critically ill child, if both are in the military. Her husband was already in Iraq, they were expecting her to leave her child in the care of God only knows who, say Sir, yes sir! and march off to Iraq to join the rest of her unit.

The chaplains and doctors and military lawyers kept telling her there was nothing she could do about any of it, but fortunately her mom, (my sister) and her dad, who had been in the Army, and a whole lot of my family and friends who were ex-military knew about it and some of them helped her file the right papers to be waived from foreign duty.

She was already exempted from combat duty, because she broke some bones in her foot on the Confidence Course in boot camp.

They don’t call it an Obstacle course any more because Confidence is more positive.

She has had more surgery on her foot about the same day I got surgery on mine, in July. 4 years after she broke it.

My niece that is.

Back to Allison, I know there is still a hardship waiver for duty stations, and a hardship discharge available.

I am just not very confident that an employee of the Navy will help her find out all the information.
If somebody here can help find those links I for one would surely appreciate it, and Allison will as well. Thanks. Jonah.

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