Another poverty study.

this one from Agencie France Presse.
I was going to cut and paste the story, but I noticed as I highlighted everything down at the bottom it says Copyright by Agencie France Presse.

and not to republish the information without the prior consent of AFP.

It says, (so not to step on their copyright) that the gap between rich and poor has grown. No surprise there.

also that since the small recession (!) (!!!) of 2001 productivity and profits have risen slowly but surely.

However, Corporate profits have far outstripped wages.
Nothing unusual there, but the rate of increase for Corporate profit is larger than the rate of increase for wages.

These are the ones who bitch whine and snivel about paying minimum wage to “their” work force.

And about being told to provide medical insurance to the workers as well.

Another group of people who just “don’t get it”…. that the workers are the ones earning the money, but the FatCats are the ones getting the money.

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