‘American Owned’?- racism on Route 66

You know the routine. You’ve driven 400-500 miles and are so tired you can barely move. Time to find a room so you pull into the first motel you see. And there’s that big nasty sign…. AMERICAN OWNED … in the window.

OK, I admit it. At times, I eat at McDonalds and shop at WalMart, but one thing I try never to do is to stay at a hotel with that overt racist flag out front. In fact, I always ask the Indian hotel owners and managers elsewhere if they will fix me some Indian food if I smell it in the air.

I don’t want to help out any of those ‘American Owned’ assholes with their stupid nativist racism. ‘American’ born they may be, but so are all members of the KKK, too. I prefer hard working immigrants to American born that try to appeal to the basest instincts in the worst amongst us.

Long live all the hard working immigrants of all nationalities amongst us. They are what make America so much better than it would be if we were nothing more than a homogenous bloc of stupid, ingrown twits.

Viva variedad!

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3 Responses to ‘American Owned’?- racism on Route 66

  1. Avatar jonah says:

    A lot of the motels in Manitou are owned by Polish-born AMERICANS.

    Trouble is, some Americans think they can decide which other Americans actually are American.

    It’s a question of citizenship more that nationality.

    If that doesn’t make sense then perhaps thinking about it would help.

    Like Tony said, the sign and the abuse of the Flag to promote a Klannish atmosphere in America is sickening.

    The Polish-born New Citizens who own so many of the motels here, Good on them!

    The punks who bitch and whine and snivel so much about New Citizens competing in a supposedly Free Market with the 4th and 5th generation Citizens who did absolutely not a fucking thing to earn their citizenship,
    are the same ones who say the Immigrants are all over here to take welfare and refuse to work.

    Some of the guys at the motels speak limited English.

    But you know, they are learning English and they speak one hell of a lot better English than I do Polish.

    The people who run the Buffalo Lodge, for instance, their children are Honor Students (but still have to take that stupid test to see if they know how to read and do math– Standardized Education, Feh!)

    The Korean-born citizens who run the Trail’s End motel up on North Nevada, same way.

    They got their citizenship the HARD way, they left a home and a nation and a family, to come to a place that is infested with two-legged rats who hate them because THEY decided to become Americans.

    Most of the people who have that Proud to Be an American bumper sticker or tee-shirt or lawn sign didn’t do anything to become Americans.

    “this is our country” yeah, right!

    They don’t own any more of America than I do.

    I would thank them to refrain from making the decision not only for themselves but for me as well as to who is a “real” American.

    That is, I would thank them if they would gain enough education to actually do so.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Yeah, I stayed at a hotel in Salida where the owner/ manager was Polish immigrant, too. A different trend here in Colorado from the more dominant one in the roadside hotel biz elsewhere.

    BTW, did anybody else notice that idiotic picture of the business public relations guy on the front page of Sunday’s Gazette? He posed with a baseball bat, and talked of his supposed fear of being attacked by undocumented immigrants. What a pathetic comedian.

    Honestly, The Gazette just takes the cake on about every imaginable political issue out there. There is not a progressive bone in their bodies. I can just imagine their editors inside their offices with big bats on their desks, huddling in fear of Colorado Springs people that might attack them, too, sick of their monopoly press here at home.

    They’re just the absolute pits of brain dead reaction! They must fear be victimized by us violent folk so! Booga-booga, Gazette! Al quaeda and the undocumented liberals are going to get you!

  3. Avatar The 13th says:

    “I prefer hard working immigrants to American born that try to appeal to the basest instincts in the worst amongst us.”

    I love it when you talk dirty, tony!

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