British marines back in London…

Which is a good example of the power of being nice rather than bombing the living dogshit out of people.

A lot of the loudmouthed chickenhawks have been saying that the British should use force to 1) get the Marines and sailors KILLED, because it would 2) salvage their national honor or whatever… which shows that the chickens are 3) bloodthirsty as long it’s 4) somebody else’s blood that gets shed, and 5) they personally aren’t at risk of getting injured salvaging the British National pride, while and at the same time 6) showing that they basically didn’t give 3/4 of a fat rat’s ass about the lives of the sailors and marines to begin with.

Much the same way Bush and Blair obviously don’t give any thought to the lives of the 4 British soldiers who were killed today. It’s left up to us ‘hippie tree hugging peaceniks sitting around singing Kum Ba, Yah,” to mourn or even remember them.

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2 Responses to British marines back in London…

  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Actually, there is much evidence that the British and American governments put those British sailors deliberately in the line of fire where they would be captured. Most probably they did not even know what had been done to them until the moment they were captured.

    Why was this done? Simply put, the American and British governments realize that their publics must be prepped before they attack Iran directly. Ratchet up the tension level in the press first. Putting these sailors in danger served to do just that.

  2. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    And 8 more Americans killed today…

    And they stopped reporting even an estimate of the Iraqi deaths, to the tune of there are now 3,760 identified Iraqi dead, out of almost 700,000.

    That by the way is 4% of the total population of Iraq pre-war.

    And some of the identified are only partially identified… like the ones that are said to be “Brother of so-and-so” or “sister” or simply Child.

    But we see by the way Bush treats Cindy just how much he cares about even American Soldiers over there doing his bidding….

    Far less anybody who didn’t have the good judgment not to be born Iraqi.

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