Medicine for profit is a world disaster in march

Medicine for profit is a march down a blind alley and the reason why is quite simple to understand. ‘Care’ for an individual for an individual fee, is the ultimate non-holistic approach possible since health is so absolutely connected to the environment that people live in.

To treat the individual in an effective manner, doctors have to also treat the environment as well. But just go and try telling this to your average numbskull private-profit doc that the American medical schools turn out so in mass. These think-they-know-it-all degreed idiots are sure they know what’s best for you, but the medical machine they are part of never does jack shit to treat the environmental conditions that make people sick. Logically and scientifically it makes no sense. But that is medicine for profit for you, is it not?

Take as just one tiny example, the cathedrals where many of these doctors often practice in; the hospitals. The doctors often stroll in with their coats and ties on, while the patients and medical worker peons that the doctor boss around are most often passing their days in areas more nasty than your home toilet area. Most of these doctors are cynical bastards that almost entirely identify with the corporate structure they have melded and immersed themselves into. They say they care about the patients they take in for a fee, but the ‘care’ most often stops when the bucks stop. Or it never begins in the first place.

Don’t believe me? Then try going into an average doctors office without medical insurance cards in hand. What’s the first thing one gets asked when they show up half dead into the ER? It is always, ‘What’s your coverage?’ And if you got none, you most often will get sent packing. ‘Dumped’ is the word now used, and that’s not exactly treating the patients holistically. Not at all.

Truth is, the medical doctors are not allowed (nor allow themselves to even contemplate) to treat the environment. That is seen as the terrain of the corporations and their government alone. The average American doctor concedes that area without even a bleat of protest. But why? Public Health is certainly important in the treatment of disease, isn’t it?

Why treat the farm worker, say, after his exposure to deadly pesticides? Why not treat the environment to prevent the disease, Doc? No money in it for you? Why not treat the lack of food, the lack of clean drinking water, the lack of a decent living space, the lack of a decent wage, instead of just treating the now already sickened individual who comes to you with insurance card in hand, Doctor? Too scared to fight disease? Too bought off by the hundreds of thousands you are often making?

You are a fraud, corporate medicine and corporate model doctors. You turn all of us in your medical factories into dehumanized entities with only titles and employee numbers in hand, and not even our own humanity which you strip away from us bit by bit, same as you strip away the sick and elderly folk’s dignity. You turn us all into an Evil Empire that churns out your profits, and destroys people’s health. You destroy the environment same as your corporate cousins in agriculture, mining, and military goods production do, alsdo.

You are strip mining world health, not bettering it, all to make bucks. And the US doctors are all aboard this gigantic con game on society, hiding behind a facade of being all high tech and scientific. Instead, you business doctors are as nasty as an MRSA sore, a Vancomycin resistant diarrhea, a brain dead corpse in the ICU, a multi drug resistant TB, and all the other products of made by your corporate medical model and your human devolution as system into monster. All you hold now to bedazzle the crowd with, is some sort of future tech fix that is the pie in the sky you always promise. Meanwhile, you turn our environment into cesspool. You are turning all of us into ‘medical waste’, Corporate Doc.

2 thoughts on “Medicine for profit is a world disaster in march

  1. Tony, I agree that our medical system takes an expensive band-aid approach to healthcare and that to address the root causes of illness would be more effective. However, to hold M.D.s responsible for the state of the environment seems a bit of a stretch. Yes, medical schools should add courses on environmental medicine but, until drug companies start coming up with pricy drugs to treat environmental woes, that isn’t going to happen.

    I blame the lawyers.

  2. The lawyers are to blame, too, of course. They, like doctors, are an integral part of the ruling establishment that allows social conditions, that impact our health, to deteriorate.

    Wait, let me rephrase that. Lawyers, like doctors, are an element of the elites in our society that have actively pushed reactionary social policies that are destroying our standards of living. But lawyers, unlike doctors, are not specifially trained to supposedly work to better people’s health.

    Health is what doctors supposedly are all about, unlike lawyers. Skewer the lawyers on criminal justice issues where they have become a hindrance to justice itself, rather than a defender of it, but doctors well deserve to be skewered on how they go along with and continually push programs that actually worsen our health, rather than improve it.

    Lawyers don’t deserve to take all the blame for the reactionary behavior of the corporate medical world. Neither do just insurance companies, pill companies, etc. The American Medical Association is the core group responsible for the destruction of American health care, and it is made up of doctors.

    There is one notable exception to the majority reactionary group of mainstream doctors, and that is those doctors connected with the group Physicians for Social Responsibility. These good doctors deserve a thread of their own, however, which I will start soon. They are a positive example working against mainstream American corporate medicine, and I highly respect the work they do.

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