C. Diff epidemic is being spread by for-profit medical facilities

C. Diff: New Threat From Old Bug /// Epidemic Gut Infection Causing Rapid Rise in Life-Threatening Disease But how and why is this bug killing people?

Fact is, it is spreading because nursing staff is rushed and overworked and the conditions in nursing homes and hospitals are way too nasty because of that. Our for profit medical system is always trying to squeeze out the maximum work from the fewest number of people they can hold down the fort with. That’s how companies make their profits. But now, these practices are spreading super bugs that are killing more and more of the people who come to medical facilities to get care.

In the US, nobody is even writing about this spreading epidemic yet. It is not on the media’s radar screens. But here is a British report about the situation titled Hospital bug deaths ‘scandalous’ Yes they are indeed. And even more scandalous is the lack of scandal about this problem in the US. There are some bleak days ahead as this planet heads down into ecological collapse.

3 thoughts on “C. Diff epidemic is being spread by for-profit medical facilities

  1. I had c-diff, and maybe still do. But Iam going to get a colonoscopy Jan.2nd 2008. They say that now I probably have psuedomembraneous colitis. My internal tissue is slouthing off and I am in pain. The usa hospitals don’t seem to care much. They do not take every precaution they should,to keep their patients safe. Frankly the whole health care system here is awful.You can also throw out bedside matter’s from doctors or nurses. I don’t think they know what that means.

  2. Well, I cannot speak for the American doctors which is a group that as a whole that IMO doesn’t really care much about the health of our nation at all. But I can say that for CNAs and nurses it is very hard to have good bedside manner when administration has us pretending to do triple the work that can possibly be done well in our normal shifts. They call that policy being efficient, too!

    Look at the ‘efficiency’ that runs rampant in America’s health system today. What a total joke! When all organization flows top down, then chaos presides over all.

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