Comfort food for the sugar-fat addict

Comfort food truth in labelingComfort food is what? The food addict’s fix? The salve of eating disorders that is also the poison? Is McDonalds concerned that out of sight in the bag, a fat-eater might forget what designs he had on his impulse/compulsive purchase?
McDonalds would seem to have quite a grasp of its customers. McFatties may have heard about “comfort food” but may not remember whether it denoted something bad or good. The McDonalds marketing department is employing a linguistic maneuver: own up to the accusation, then pervert what it means.
This bag promotes McDonalds’ World Children’s Day, urging us to give comfort. A search of their linked website about helping children yields not a single mention of “comfort.”

When Microsoft was confronted with Java, the Sun Microsystems product that offered to reduce our dependence on client-side software, what did Microsoft do? They jumped on the Java bandwagon, used their dominant market position to spread their own version of Java, but injected some broken code. Thus for the majority of users, Java was a disappointment. And Microsoft and Sun Microsystems settled out of court.

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  1. OK, I just can’t resist this sort of reply to any food related commentary. Alternet has been discussing this topic for eons now, so here it goes…

    For a less fattening meal, maybe Free Range Raised Cat might be better for the health. See this site for a recipe and ordering information for this non-fast food delicacy. It is a tad more expensive than the dollar menu at McDs though. But, YUM!

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