Black Americans are getting sick and fed up with the entire racist criminal injustice system of the US. Still fresh in memory is the picture of White cops with guns turning back Blacks trying to cross the Mississippi Bridge to get out of New Orleans. In mind, too, is the new blatantly open use of torture not only of American military held POWs, but also of Black common folk held in US prisons around the country.

Thousands marched against racial profiling this week In D.C., their protest fed by the movement to defend the Jena Six. Why?

Why? is the question that was asked in Miami this week, too, and got a young man shot down by the police there. Why? too another taser death, not just in Canada, but in Miami that same week, this time of a Black man? Why? Black Agenda Report reports these stories of the Miami events. Executed ‘Walking While Black’ in Miami

Why? The answer is simple. We live in a world ruled by corporations run by Whites of privilege. They control and run a police and judicial system run and controlled by Whites of privilege, too. We live in a US privleged White world where a White privileged and dominated system arrests and tortures prisoners of color without any sense of the human indecency of their actions, fed by an even larger White community that cheers this on. We live in a racist US society.

Nothing that much has changed from the past. MLK’s ‘dream’ is still a dream and not any reality. That is the answer to Why?

For Black Americans especially there is no national security under the so-called national security state. Instead, it is a state of criminal injustice Blacks live under and promises of change for the better cannot be fed when all the recent changes have been for the worse. Racial injustice cannot be disappeared, when class injustice is the norm.

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  1. I’m sorry to report that just this week I witnessed two incidents in Colorado.

    The first was of two police officers and a man that appeared to be of Latin descent on the Pearl Street mall Boulder. The man was simply sitting on a concrete bench and the two police officers were questioning him as I approached. I couldn’t hear the conversation, but the man soon removed a bottle of alcohol from his coat. One of the officers took it and poured it out while the other continued to question him.

    The second incident involved a group of white girls on the 16th street mall in Denver. One of them had dropped some things, among which was an open beer bottle, They stood laughing about it while blocking the sidewalk as they attempted to pick up thier things. A police officer, who had been standing nearby with several others, asked who’s beer it was and then let them go when the girl replied, “I’m going to pouir it out”

    I’m sorry I didn’t stay to see what happened to this man, but it appears that racial discrimination does continue to occur right hear in Colorado as it does across the USA.

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