Disasters in Mexico

Mexico was hit by the worst natural disaster in its history this last Halloween when rains flooded 80% of Tabasco state. Villahermosa, the second most populous Mexican city after Merida in Southern Mexico went under water, when its poorly maintained levee system failed much like what happened in New Orleans. See video of aftermath, and video of flooded Villahermosa from air.

A few dollars ‘saved’, and billions lost, all through government corruption. But there is another disaster due to hit Mexico soon, and it is called ‘Plan Merida’. This is a deal negotiated in secret between the US controlled Mexican puppet government of Felipe Calderon, and the Bush White House. Their plan is to further militarize Mexican society in copy cat form with what is occurring in the US.

The further militarization of Mexico is to be done under the guise of fighting drugs and drug cartels. What we can expect in the years ahead, is a Mexico with more Swat Teams, more army control over civilian society, more crime and danger to the average Mexican citizen, more drug traffic, and less rights for all. This is a mirror of what the US public can expect under ‘Homeland Security’.

Mexicans and Anglos have a common struggle together. It is a struggle against an encroaching police state of international dimension. It may well be that the ongoing militarization of Mexico by the US, may dwarf any natural disasters such as occured with the flooding of Tabasco.

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