Fat Cats and the minimum wage

The fat cats are all upset again! They just can’t tolerate the thought of even having a minmum wage, let alone raising it. Our local daily rag, The Colorado Springs Fat Cats, fatcopycatted from George Will’s recent Washington Post column and urged that no raise be given to the poor. Let the ‘free market’ do it, or let them starve if not. In fact, as far as the local CS Blue Bloods are concerned, if the ‘free market was to provide no employment to people at all, well the devil be damned for all they would care.

It is a true indicator of our paltry national political culture, that the national debate on minimum wage rates hinges on whether for the billionaires to throw a few pennies the way of the peasantry, or to just let them starve. Those who favor tossing the few pennies get to pose as the DP humanitarians vs those against, the RP scrooges.

Oh, I’m sorry. That’s not fair. Our local daily rag says that they are actually advocating tough love for the poor, and therefore have to oppose the raise in order to help the near destitute keep working at the current minimum wage. They say if there was an increase that the whole American economy would collapse, and that the poor would all lose their jobs at Walmart, Manpower, and McDonalds. Such compassion for the poor! That’s what it is, of course.

That’s the real reason the fat cats oppose the minimum wage, this they say. Yes, and Iraq had WOMD, too. These folk are so sincere in all their concerns they have for the rest of us!

Can you imagine the fat cats actually giving a damn about anything other than their stock portfolios? Oh Yes. Maybe they care some about their Lexuses and country club memberships. too. Let’s be fair.

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