US aggression against Somalia shows that America’s rulers are truly sick

How much of this continual US military aggression is going to be tolerated by the American people? Both the Democrats and Republicans are criminally responsible for continually breaking international law. They seem to think that they have carte blanche to make war, assassinate, torture, and invade other people’s countries at will! And worse, they have our government continually pushing other countries to do the dirty work for them.

The American people are not for this. We do not have a democratic system in place that gives us recourse to stop these continuous atrocities our government is continually making in our name. God spare us the revenge that will eventually be extracted on us for sitting by passively while these atrocities continue. We may not have a real democracy in place where thesse criminals that call themselves politicians can be removed at the voting booths, but we do have the ability to get out into the streets, make noise, and stay there until we can cause a popular rebellion to change our corporate dictatorship to something more humane.

Get involved! Make sure your local antiwar groups protest this latest military aggression against yet another downtrodden third World country, and get out into the streets with signs, banners, and your physical and personal presence!

Ethiopia Out of Somalia! Get the US out of Somalia! Stop the US government murder and mayhem everywhere! And throw these top Democratic Party and Republican Party politicians into jail where they truly belong.

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2 Responses to US aggression against Somalia shows that America’s rulers are truly sick

  1. Avatar hassan faheem azhar says:

    amarica is taking the world toward 3rd world war which means end of the humanity

  2. Avatar hassan faheem azhar says:

    please stop the aggression and comes toward peace

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