Favorite photos of St Patrick’s Parade

Peace marchers are stopped
The shirts versus the skinheads as child and companion look on

Bookmobile moves up from the rear
Peace marchers catch up

Bringing the bookmobile to a halt
Officer Paladino halts bookmobile, Marshall Pete Page blocks paraders

Putting in the call to parade organizer O Donnell
Parade monitor Dougie Haig phones organizer John O’Donnell

We redouble our call for PEACE
We will not be silenced

Paladino extracts Eric from bookmobile
Paladino enters bookmobile and retrieves Eric by the wrist

Eric taken from the Bookmobile
Eric is subdued by Officer Paladino and co

Esther is told not to interfer
Paladino grabs Esther’s attention

Esther is pulled to the ground
and pulls her to the ground

Taking us down March 17 2007
Paladino releases Esther from arm-bar hold, girls cry

We receive a scolding
Officer Paladino will not tell us his name

Marie asks about our first amendment right
Excessive force officers?

Bystander video shows Elizabeth knocked off her feet
Elizabeth is twisted off her feet

Elizabeth is not exactly carried
Paladino carries Elizabeth off

Elizabeth is dragged past WAR NO MORE banner
without clearing the ground

Molly holds on to her banner
Officer Wrede breaks Molly’s banner and tries to take it

Eric and Molly being led off the street
Molly is led off by the throat

Bill and Frank are apprehended
Bill and Frank are apprehended

St Patricks Day parade t-shirts
Frank is moved using a pain-compliance hold (illegal choke-hold)

Colorado Springs hillbillies
Hillbillies applaud as-

Frank Cordero being held in an illegal choke hold in front of the kids
-their kids get a civics lesson

Officer fires taser as a warning
We are driven off at taser point

The police contigent forgot the theme was green
Men in blue wore wrong color to the parade

Elizabeth is not a happy camper
No dialog

Elizabeth leaves by ambulance
Elizabeth makes her exit

(Photo credit due Mark Lewis, Eric Barker, Kate Holbrook et al.
See all the pictures at www.CSAction.org.)

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