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There is no justice in the US Injustice System – The case of Howard Morgan

…Let’s see now? We have Trayvon Martin in Florida and the 5 people now put on trial after being tortured repeatedly by the US military as Pentagon held POWs, and we have The Case of Howard Morgan.   How much … Continue reading

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Bay Area police mentality

Park ranger shoots man with stun gun for walking dogs off-leash This authoritarian mentality is becoming more common everywhere across the US unfortunately.

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Marin Co Sheriffs Tase Elderly Man in Own Home

In July of last year. The man, Peter McFarland was treated by paramedics at his home after a fall, then, a pair of Sheriff’s Deputies entered the house and insisted that McFarland come to the hospital with them. Since the … Continue reading

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“Suspected” Illegal Immigrants shoot and wound AZ Deputy over “suspected” bales of Marijuana.

Only thing missing, several things actually, are the bales of Marijuana and the suspects. The only thing tying immigration and Smuggling to his shooting is his testimony. And, really, Pigs LIE. They lie even when they don’t have to lie. … Continue reading

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Tasers and non-judgmental christianity

If we’re not supposed to “judge” the cops who taze somebody or shoot them in the back, doesn’t that mean that we’re supposed to “judge” the victims of these violent actions as being Guilty without trial? Likewise, those of us … Continue reading

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Remember the Y2K plot?

The one that was supposedly broken by U.S. Customs on one side of the border and the RCMP on the others. That would be Customs before they became the Terrorist acronym “ICE”, under the Liberal Bill Clinton, and the Canadian … Continue reading

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Big Pharma strikes again.

Yet another Amphetamine derivative for the treatment of “Behavioral Problems” in children. This latest one is called “Concerta”. Yep, kid doesn’t act the way the Establishment demands, isn’t regimented enough, rebellious, thinks for himself too much, doesn’t accept their Dogmatic … Continue reading

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Poison Vegetables

Ketchup as a vegetable strikes again. Those of our audience younger than late 30 Somethings won’t remember this, maybe you’ve heard of it and thought it was a sick joke. But it wasn’t. Ronald Reagan championed a measure aimed directly … Continue reading

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Cop torturing by taser gets a little out of hand down South

Yes, once again it is the State of Louisiana, which is the state the whole country has fallen into in actuality. Cop torture by taser gets yet more bad press, but cops like to torture at times, and here in … Continue reading

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Jermaine Ward dies and police begin cover up of their murder by taser

Here we go again! Yet another police murder by taser and the cover up has already begun. The police say they tasered Jermaine Ward while he was uncuffed, while his companion who was also arrested, says that he was handcuffed … Continue reading

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Recreate-68 versus the City of Denver

The Denver Post only covered half the story of the RECREATE-68 event today, the half calculated to best represent the city in anticipation of hosting the Olympics of the political realm. Councilman Charlie Brown spoke of needing to emulate the Athens 2004 security model. Continue reading

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Black teenager taser-murdered by cops at his workplace over eating Hot Pockets

Yes, once again we see the police using their tasers to murder somebody. This time, they came and tasered a 17 year old kid working at a Food Lion grocery store, who hot eaten some Hot Pockets there and gotten … Continue reading

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911 response post 9/11

9/11 is the excuse for what happened to Hope Steffey after a 911 call. The Torture State’s Domestic Face. Do you think that 911 and 9/11 have nothing to do with each other? Then think about the men held 5 … Continue reading

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Shieldher for her own good

I had to elaborate on Tony’s clever post about the fun-in-the-stun state of Arizona. I am shocked at the idea of personal tasers becoming as ubiquitous as Tupperware!   Did you ever carry pepper spray, or Mace as it was … Continue reading

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Ho!Ho!Ho! NORAD tracks Santa and the media lets you jolly well know!

The Spy and Bomb crew located under our local Colorado Springs mountains and over the woods to Santa’s House at Peterson Air Force Base on the plains is tracking the fat socialist known as Santa Claws. You can find out … Continue reading

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New Orleans

Police attack crowd with mace and tasers where people were trying to express opposition to tearing down perfectly serviceable Public Housing units in New Orleans. The US government wants Black people not to return to New Orleans for the same … Continue reading

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The Lakota last stand

Long live the newly independent Lakota Nation. They’re dead men.   What a time to declare yourself a sovereign nation. Yes it’s an eloquent action, especially now it’s brave and principled. Russell Means has been waiting for the UN resolution … Continue reading

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Destroying the evidence of US government torture of POWs

Our despicable national government has just admitted that it destroyed the video taping of its use of torture on prisoners held at the Guantanamo concentration camp for US captured POWs. See article… CIA destroyed video of ‘waterboarding’ al-Qaida detainees What … Continue reading

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St Patricks Day denoument chronicled

Council must prevent parade pandemonium John Weiss INDY editorial, Dec 6 Largest US Civil Disobedience Movement Underway AfterDowningStreet.org, Dec 6 Ousted protesters unsure of trying luck at St. Patty’s parade ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS, Dec 1 City attorney says prosecution is … Continue reading

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Homeland Security Dept’s new puke ray

All sorts of new toys for the police to torture and abuse people with are now coming into use to supplement the taser. The puke ray is perhaps going to be too messy and not torturous enough for our delicate … Continue reading

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Liberals and Labour

The Labour Party of Britain has changed nothing at all from Tony Blair under PM Gordon Brown, just as the Democratic Party has changed nothing 7 years into the Bush presidency. Both still are corporate creations masquerading as popular parties … Continue reading

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Black Americans are getting sick and fed up with the entire racist criminal injustice system of the US. Still fresh in memory is the picture of White cops with guns turning back Blacks trying to cross the Mississippi Bridge to … Continue reading

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Police taser kills another mentally ill person

Pity those that are mentally ill, for they must fear for their lives from those supposedly sworn to protect them. The current police weapon of choice, or course, is now the taser. The police continue to pretend that the taser … Continue reading

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Tasered for asking Kerry about 2004

University of Florida student Andrew Meyer is pulled away from the microphone and tasered after trying to ask John Kerry why he conceded the 2004 election, and why, if he’s so concerned about an impending war with Iran, he doesn’t … Continue reading

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Favorite photos of St Patrick’s Parade

The shirts versus the skinheads as child and companion look on Peace marchers catch up Officer Paladino halts bookmobile, Marshall Pete Page blocks paraders Parade monitor Dougie Haig phones organizer John O’Donnell We will not be silenced Paladino enters bookmobile … Continue reading

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