Not a homosexual, Craig is a hypocrite

Larry Craig offers his handWhen he says “I did nothing wrong,” does conservative Senator Larry Craig mean:
I did not lead the attack against gay rights as well as carp on and on about Bill Clinton’s impropriety?

Was Larry Craig peering into your stall in the bathroom? No. He was sizing up a man who appeared to be lingering there while others pooped and went. Smells something of entrapment to me. I can see airport travelers complain about hearing sex acts in neighboring bathroom stalls, but not for fear of unwarranted solicitation. Why are policemen detailed to interrupt a time-honored last resort among few social options for closeted lonely guys?

I believe Senator Craig when he says he’s not gay. To a homophobic conservative, the idea of a male partner may seem dirtier than a quick lewd act to feed his nagging alter-ego.

That said, I’m damn glad he’s unmasked for the humanity-hater he is. The GOP plays by no rules. We should celebrate the rare occasion it works for the common good.

Here he is calling Bill Clinton a “nasty, bad, naughty boy.”

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3 Responses to Not a homosexual, Craig is a hypocrite

  1. Avatar tony logan says:

    What is so funny about his whole thing is that The Senator certainly would be the first in line to back up having cops entrap people in bathrooms, such as was done with him.

    An effort to entrap me was made by an undercover cop several years back. I offered her a ride from outside a convenience store on a cold night in Austin which she took. She kept asking me, ‘You mean you really only want to give me a ride?’ to which I kept saying yes, that that was all I was doing. It was cold and I had felt sorry for her.

    She was disappointed, but to her credit didn’t arrest me with having committed a ‘crime’. The next day I read about that idiotic sting operation in the paper. The undercover cop had been playing the street walker whore role outside a Catholic university, no less! And I had not recognized it until she got out!

    What a waste of money and what a disgrace to have such Orwellian cop operations going on all the time out there. I consider myself lucky for having survived my contact with the police then. It’s dangerous to even offer to help people out these days since I could have easily been busted. My cop had sorely been disappointed in my lack of appropriate moral turpitude, as it used to be called.

    Cops don’t like to be disappointed. I was definitely lucky since my false whore had seemed disappointed to let the false John go by. It lowered her score card no doubt.

  2. Avatar Marie Walden says:

    This guy is a first rate prick for lots of reasons and I’m giddy with joy to see him taken out. However, it is less than satisfying to see him go down because some oh-so-trustworthy cop alleges that he fidgeted with his fingers and tapped his toes in a pathetic plea for anonymous sex.

    The American public should take out Craig and his ilk for ideological reasons. And it should be done at the voting booth, once and for all.

  3. Avatar The 13th says:

    Agreed Marie. “Wee The People” is hardly a proud moment, no matter how villainous the mutt or disgusting a wet tree may seem to some. A cop’s motto is to Serve and Protect. In this case that would mean either a blow-job or a polite “I’m not staring at the size of your fingers” apology.

    Lewd conduct for money? Arrest the National Enquirer. Arrest high-emission auto manufacturers. Arrest the necrophiliacs who love this war.

    Craig? He’s more interested in Dorothy’s red slippers than politics… give the guy a shoe horn and be done with it.

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