Fecal material update…

We know the Neo’s have been busy this past couple of weeks. They’re building up to a Perfect Storm, the crisis to top all crises, scheduled for day after tomorrow.
It’s no coincidence that GW signed the executive order for release four days ago. The one that sets ALL the legal frameworks for Martial Law.

He’s thrown down the gauntlet, once and finally. In the face of what is probably the most meaningful Peace and Impeachment rallies ever.

When Cindy and all get to the mall Monday morning, I think they’re going to be met with troops. Lots of troops.

I almost expect to see Congressmen being arrested en masse.

That State Of Emergency decree from Tuesday says it all.

The bit at the end that says flatly that there will be NO remedy or appeal.

That the prospective victims of the Purge will have NO recourse to the courts.

I personally think The Chimp is going to lose his ASS, to go along with his mind, but my brothers, we also aren’t going to win much.

We haven’t, in America, “reaped the whirlwind” like this in over a hundred and fifty years.

Not to be discouraged, or discouraging. At least some of us will make it through to the other side.

Peace, for as long as it lasts, y’all.

meet you at the barricades…

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