Give Peace a Dance!

The annual PPJPC membership meeting revealed a community bristling with energy and optimism. The very best idea yet was voiced by Phyllis Lucero, about her oft overuled idea to hold a dance as a funraiser for peace. “Give peace a dance” Bill Young hollered!

We listened attentively to guest speaker Richard Skorman talk about his role as advisor to Senator Salazar, but we didn’t give him a free pass. Salazar has lost the pacifist vote Jerry White lamented, and will lose the military vote as well if he continues to support the war. Pull the troops out now, urged most everybody.

Skorman sited polls that quote Iraqis wanting the US to stay. “Conditions in Iraq are unthinkably bad, said Skorman, yet pollsters have been able to reach the Iraqi People, somehow, who knows how, to hear that they fear the American soldiers giving up anytime soon.”

How is that for a lack of critical thinking? Is there any chance the polls which parallel the military’s objectives, could be fabrications from within the Green Zone? Would that be harder to imagine?

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1 thought on “Give Peace a Dance!

  1. Richard Skorman’s performance on behalf of Colorado Senator, Ken Salazar, at this meeting was disgraceful.

    As first speaker at the annual PPJPC meeting, he started out doing a song and dance about how the Senator was supposedly looking for input about what just to do now in regards to the US government aggression against Iraq, now that it is going totally bust. All wanting us to totally forget that Salazar has sat back on his butt doing virtually nothing to stop Bush’s aggressions against the US Constitution and the Iraqi people.

    In fact, Salazar has even voted FOR the US to continue to use torture, directed by the Bush Klan, against people (POWs) being held in military prisons without any due process! What a slick, slimy presentation, Richard! Shameful. Salazar cannot really be defended.

    What gets me is that when called on his silly donkey show in front of the PPJPC, his response was that Iraqis would be harmed if the US was to leave their country now. Unbelievable crap from somebody who considers himself a ‘progressive’, and has been represented as such by the Colorado Springs media. Pitiful.

    This is the nonsense that the Democratic Party honchos think that they can pull off, even as the Bush family and Willy Clinton have killed several million Iraqis over the last 2 and 1/2 decades of US foreign policy. Richard Skorman wanted us to think that Salazar had not yet decided how he felt about it all! Had not decided his position yet! Bullshit with a snakey smile by the helpful ass..istant.

    Goes to show what happens when good folk convince themselves that they can align themselves with the Democratic Party and have a nice career for themselves while working through that instituion for change. Instead, all they end up doing is working for the Democratic Party Establishment, while prostituting their basic personal decency.

    Shame on you Poor Richard. Get a real job again, by getting out of Ken Salazar’s office. You don’t have to be the way you have evidently become. Really, you at that meeting were nothing but a corporate shill. I felt sorry for you.

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