Holding your breath is a powerplay?

The Democrats want a timetable to end the war, the President is threatening to veto any such measure. The media describes it as a power face-off. The Legislature has The Power of the Purse, the Executive Branch has The Veto. Bureaucratic weapons of equal strength we’re told. Ooooh. Are you sure? The power to cut off funding for the war versus the power to, to decline, to decline what funding the Congress does offer?

Whatever kind of false analysis is that? If Congress wants to give Bush something, yes he can refuse it. But then he gets how much of nothing? Why is the press suggesting that our representatives must negotiate against a veto?

Congress holds all the marbles. Bush has lost every last one he’s been given. Now we’re being told the Democrats must be careful how they authorize the next 100 billion lest Bush turn up his nose. No sir, that’s a false choice.

The power of the purse does not mean you’re stuck with the bill you’re given. It means you decide the purchase. The child in the cart can scream and threaten to hold his breath. Does the media think they are fooling anyone to advise that parents they must give in to that tactic? Go on Sonny, hold your breath.

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