Pleading guilty to end the torture

David Hicks, the only Guantanamo torture victim to plead guilty, did so to end 5 years of unlawful imprisonment and torture. What a mockery of any legal justice or due process this charade is. The whole world should be ashamed for us Americans for allowing this Orwellian kangeroo trial to be held by our illegal and totally rotten and corrupted government. This is about the most shameful moment in my lifetime to have witnessed such abuse being done publicly, and without any sense of mass American public indignation, too.

This is why I am against calling for impeachment of George W. Bush. That is much too little and much too late. The entire Bush torture team needs to be imprisoned for their crimes, and an organized national response of apology to those tortured without due cause needs to be issued following the immediate release of all POWs and other prisoners held without any evidence or charges against them having been made.

I have never been more ashamed to be an American.

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  1. Avatar Jodin says:

    Well, on April 28th, there will be impeachment protests in towns and cities all over the country. And everywhere people will be using signs, their bodies, chalk, or anything else they can think of to spell out IMPEACH! Several cities have actions planned already, but we invite everybody to start thinking about the most creative, spectacular, beautiful, and clever ways they can come up with to spell it out. This is a spin-off of the BeachImpeach project on the shores of San Francisco where over 1,100 people spelled out “Impeach!” Find out what is going on in your town, or start your own project. Be a part of history and this media grabbing call to defend our Constitution through impeachment.

    Find the pre-existing events here

    Start your own action

    Find out more

    Impeach Bush Resources

  2. Avatar john j. bassett says:

    Don’t think that torture by U.S. officials is limited to outside the country.

    In San diego by the San Diego sheriffs department. Are those who practice torture on me to the point I changed my plea from not guilty to guilty and took there deal to escape the crooked system. My so called public defender was written on a daily basis about the torture. And informed me that if he tried to do anything about it it would only get worse.

    For six months I was in the hole at bailey’s detetention facillty. Every day I was harassed by Deputy North and his flunkies. They left the lights in my room on for 24 hours a day in my face. When I would try to cover them up to sleep. They would bring in there goon squad. If they thought I was getting any sleep they would start to harass me over the intercom sysyem in the room.

    Deputy North choked and beat me over the head with is heavy flashlight.While I was handcuffed from behind. Because I asked him to bring a comb and pencil to court that they sold me. He told me to shut the fuck up and face the wall. So being 4 am in the morning tired and cranky. I faced the wall and called him a dam asshole. Then they cuffed me from behind and tightened the cuffs so tight my wrists bled. I pushed myself off the wall in pain and stated they were hurting me. The next thing I know he’s {Deputy North} is on my back choking me and hitting me over the head with his flashlight. I tried to get my chin under his arm so I could breath. Next thing I know he jumps back stating I bit him. Must of pinched his arm.

    In his report to cover his ass he lied through his teeth. Stating I while handcuffed from behind had a jail made weapon. He claimed my 4″ pencil was a weapon. He claimed I extended it somehow. Then in the prelim he lied and stated I threatened his life. And when asked if he had pictures of were I so called bit him. He claimed that the jail did not have any film. A jail booking people on a regular basis was out of film. Let alone I seen them use a video tape machine when they went in with there goon squad to beat on a prisoner. A flat out lie.

    They told the other prisoners over the intercom I was a snitch to get me killed. Even while in a 4×4 rubberoom on suicide watch they came to harass me and the nurse reported them. They made me go weeks without a shower to the point I got staff infection. They would pull me out in the middle of the night and strip search me. For no reason at all.

    I never seen one once of daylight or got one once of fresh air for 6 months. Even thought that is illegal. Constantly being taunted and harasssed sleep depravation. When my lawyer asked the judge for me to be moved. Judge said that was up to them.

    I filed a complaint with the inter affairs department. And got back they at least partially sustained my claims. I saw a sergent about it he asked me what I wanted. I said my name cleared and deputy norths badge. For I found out I was not his first victim during his taunting he said and I heard from other deputies. That he liked setting people like me up and sending them to prison. That it gave him job security.

    When I demanded his records I found out no one can look at cops records. Without a court order. When my lawyer filed to get them letting the Judge know his comments and history and that internal affairs had sustained my complaint. He denied access to them which would of help prove my case against him. That court I found as crooked as the justice system.

    So after 6 months of solitary confinement and torture I finally gave in and took there deal. And you should know that even when you plead not guilty you are treated as you are. They wake you at 4 am put you in a cell like 10×10 with 50 other people. then after a cuple of hours of that they put you in a bus go to the court house. And put you in another 10×10 room with 50 other people. And you are there until about 6pm then they take you back and place you in another cell. All concrete floors.

    So they make you look like your guilty before you even get to court. Allowing no comb Jail clothes etc. You are not back to your cell until about 8pm that night. And after a few times of this the unguilty are ready to plead out and they know it.

    A poor man has no justice in this system. I have already done the time. So I have no reason to lie. All charges were false and made up to keep them from being sued. The story is much longer than this. But you get the torture part.

    When you are tortured and fear for your life. Because of there torture sooner or later you will break and give up even if your not guilty. And they know that to and have many ways to break you. Knowing it’s your word against theres and you have no chance in court. Especially a crooked court. As I said I have no reason to lie. And I will gladly take a lie detector test to anything and everything I have stated.

    I have seen them make up testimony change court documents and make up other false documents. And flat out lie in those documents and in court I have proof of some of it. I spent almost two years on false charges. And was tortured into pleading guilty and taking there deal.

    As I said I will for anyone at anytime take a lie detector test. I guarrenteee you the criminal deputies involved in my case and incarceration will not. And if they did would not pass.

    So the point is torture exists within the U.S. not just on foreign soil. And I would love for someone to ask me to take a lie detector test and have some kind of public outlet to tell my story to get out names of those crimanally responsible. For the torture and and false charges. It’s no wonder they have people who want to blow up the justice system it’s more crooked than the ones they put behind bars.

    sincerly John J. Bassett

  3. Avatar john j. bassett says:

    Story By John J. BASSETT E-MAIL PHONE 541-573-7338

  4. Avatar tony logan says:

    John, we are glad you finally got away from these thugs. We know that what you say is true, there definitely is a lot of torture being done inside US jails and not just of POWs from foreign countries.

    It is a crying shame how so many Americans excuse this police and military violence and do so while talking about what great patriots they are. America is a very sick society. These people that give their support to this military-industrial-police state are very pathetic people.

  5. Avatar Jonah says:

    It’s a story that needs to be told, over and over, by more people.

    and will be. Solzhenitzn is now dead, but the shit that went on in the Russian “Psychiatric” prisons is equalled or beaten by the stuff that goes on in the American Gulags.

    All that they need to do is label somebody as ‘crazy’ and they can then LEGALLY do torture regimens which would make the Torturers at Abu Ghraib and Khandahar and Gitmo envious.

    Then the FUCKING PERVERTED PIG TORTURE FREAKS will have you locked in a cell, with no shower, no comb for your hair, no way to contact an attorney or your family…

    Drag you into court after weeks or months of this, shackled hand and foot, hair all matted and smelling worse than Hogan’s Goat and with a Tame “doctor” telling the PIG JUDGE “we’re sorry, your (so-called fucking)Honor, but he’s CRAZY!”

    Then the Judge, who’s just as much a PIG as the officers, rubberstamps their methods and sends you back to the torture chambers.

    If you speak up in protest you’re Gagged, at the order of the PIG Judge, and ordered back to the Torture Chambers until you “Calm down”.

    Then they wonder why some ex-prisoner blows a fuckin’ pigs head off in Memorial Park one fine day.

  6. Avatar Jonah says:

    Don’t take the so-called “lie detector”

    It’s called a PolyGraph and the name simply means that it writes a bunch of lines at one time.

    The strong emotions you feel about being tortured would be determined by the PIG administering the test to mean that you’re lying.

    Then it will be one MORE pigs word against yours in court, especially in the court of public opinion.

    People who have never been inside one of America’s Gulags will choose to believe that it couldn’t possibly happen, not here, no, we’re too Civilized to do anything like that…

    The Internal Affairs division exists to make sure that no Pig ever gets prosecuted for his crimes, no matter how strong the evidence.

    We’ll undoubtedly have a few PIGS reading this and responding that the IAD would make sure that ‘bad apples’ are weeded out, and that they really really want to make sure justice is done, and perhaps invite you into an Interrogation Room behind a series of locked doors, and where the only witnesses are PIGS, to “tell your side of the story”.

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