Enough of red white and proud bigots

monkey-bigotWhen Oh When can we unleash on the professional elements in our culture who’ve been driving the basest common denominator into the mud? Mud wrestling, motor-cross, monster- trucks and other mugly indulgences clearly proven now to be anything but harmless.

When are we going to take the country singer drunkards, talk radio buffoons, TV talking-lowbrows, and hirsute airheads off to work the carnies where they belong? parking-lot-bigot Mindless amusements have produced a mindless public as bigoted and idiotic as it is vacuous. Cynical, narcissistic and post-ironic are really just terms of flattery for detached deluded know-nothings.

Have you ever seen Americans Uglier than these?

Here’s someone who attended a McCain rally with a simian effigy of Obama, another idiot who closed his parking lot to Obama supporters, and a so-called independent voter who’s defying the landslide trend and swaying toward McCain. independent-voter-for-mccain Let’s also give honorable mention to the five Alaskan Republican legislators who tried to halt the investigation into Palin’s misconduct as governor. Rep. Wes Keller, Rep. Mike Kelly, Rep. Bob Lynn, Sen. Fred Dyson, and Sen. Tom Wagoner.

And how about the October [13] surprise of a resurgent Wall Street, rallying on cue to McCain’s “soaring” speech, marking his “comeback” on the rising tide of nothing but his same old bullshit verbiage, and most of all, diverting news desks from the Palin Troopergate guilty verdict. I’m afraid the GOP is never going to go broke underestimating the American public.

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