How sick!

For lack of a $5 round of antibiotics, a disease called Noma can do this to a kid… Photo of Noma infection Meanwhile, the US spends how much on killing people in Iraq and Afghanistan alone? And some want the US to go on to intervene to ‘Save Darfur’? How about just delivering these kids with this disease a round of Amoxicillin first? See Children Made Faceless

Wikipedia reports that 400,00 suffer from this disease in Africa alone. Also they mention that… ‘It is rarely treated since in some cultures it is considered taboo. Noma was endemic to the section of Auschwitz where the Nazis interned Gypsies.’

Actually, it’s more likely rarely treated due to nobody caring enough to fund the simple course of Amoxicillin needed to treat it. And the parents of these kids don’t have the money to buy the medication.

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  1. Avatar Lane says:

    This seems to me to be a case of priorities, Tony. Darfur is a region of strategic importance due to nearby oil reserves. Perhaps that is why President Bush has called it a genocide and Condi Rice is currently working a deal with the new Prime Minister of France to step in and restore order.

    On the contrary, the disease Moma, although it has already infected 400,000 and has a mortality rate of 80% within two weeks – only afflicts the poor. As we all know, the poor don’t own any oil. In fact, they have no “natural resources” of any kind – so why should the president be concerned about their lives?

    President Bush has a country to run. A country that USES A LOT OF OIL! If he spends time on dying poverty stricen children, how will he keep happy the powers that go him the job of president in the first place?

    It all comes down to time management. If he just waits a few months, most of these children will be dead anyway. However, the corporate bosses will NEVER go away. Perhaps you should take a few business classes at UCCS, Tony. [Sorry for the sarcasm.]

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