Tom Tancredo and Darfur

While nice sweet liberals like Rebecca Tinsley and Jody Williams are pushing for imperialist interventionism into Sudan for supposedly humanitarian reasons, it is interesting to see the company they keep on their Darfur rescue missions. They are long time Far Right reactionaries like Elliot Abrams, Kansas Senator Brownback, and our very own lovable Colorado prick, Tom Tancredo.

Tom, who is for Border Walls, deporting penniless undocumented workers looking for work, and committing US genocide against the Iraqi people, is also teaming up with the good hearted interventionist liberals who love NATO, the UN Security Council, European and African Union troopers under the Pentagon’s AFRICOM control. Both groups are united in desire to be ‘humanitarian’ it seems, by principally sending in the troops.

Check out ‘The Right’s Stuff in Africa‘ published on the counterpoint. org site. Tom Tancredo stars in this Darfur ‘benevolency’ as the article mentions.

3 thoughts on “Tom Tancredo and Darfur

  1. You know he’s just trying to protect us from Darfur immigration…

    Of course the principle languages being Arabic and French, probably not in that order, would also inflame his right(wing)eous heart against any of them thar megawetbacks (they would have to come across an ocean to get here) coming to Colorado Springs and spending their pesos (or whatever the hell it don’t make no difference to him currency) on pizza.

  2. Yeah, it’s interesting that Sudan, with it’s oil resouces is the target of this so-called humanitarian mission. Meanwhile there are thousands dying in the Congo, over the mining of casserite and coltan…see

    I guess the cell phone manufactures are getting what they need. Otherwise we might have to convince the UN to “stop these atrocities”. We could just increase Blackwater’s next contract or instill the draft afterall.

  3. Two other aspects besides just the mere presence of oil depostis are interesting about why there is the selective attention now on Darfur/ Sudan by interest groups located in Britain and the US. These are the relationship between Sudan and Chinese oil companies there, plus the defense alliance between Sudan and Iran. They are allies, and the Chinese are increasingly heavily invested in Sudanese oil extraction..

    The US is trying to contain China’s ability to get outside oil that it’s economy is increasingly dependent on, and also the US is thinking of attacking Iran head on, accusing it of interfering in the places where the US government is interfering in. Hence, the need to increase propaganda urging peacekeeping’ intervention into Sudan to supposedly help save the people of Darfur. This sort of action establishes the beachhead for imperialist control of an area.

    Liberal groups that make their focus Darfur need to ask themselves whether pushing for interventionism with the assist of former US UN ‘ambassador’ John Bolton at their side is really what they want to be doing? There are for more productive ways to be aiding the world’s peoples in distress than pushing for US/UN/African Union/ European/ Nato troops to be used in military actions called ‘peacekeeping’ by the corporate press.

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