Shillelagh-bearing lepre-cons

lepre-con.jpgIf our local media coverage and relative lack of moral outrage on the part of the citizenry over the St. Paddy’s Day debacle has you a bit depressed (with today’s freedom-loving Gazette editorial calling the peace marchers “parade crashers” and “political zealots” serving as salt in our ever-deepening collective “rugburn”), check out the national blog The Daily Kos. They picked up Cara DeGette’s article which, thus far, has generated over 300 comments. Most of them biting and insightful and hilarious. An example:
Cops Are Thugs Get it?
I’m sure there is a perfectly good justification for dragging a 75-year-old woman down the street. Maybe their sunglasses were so dark, they thought she was black?
by Snarcalita on Mon Mar 19, 2007 at 11:14:23 PM PDT

Sure made me feel a lot better…..

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  1. Avatar The 13th says:

    Good link and news relay, Marie. Thank you. I haven’t slept since reading the news last night. Ugly, ugly, sad….

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