Intel Corporation

If we were ever to see PEACE, most of America would be in the unemployment line. The whole US economy would crash and unemployment would shoot up to 50-60-70-80% of us.

That’s how grounded in war we have become. Just this week this was driven home in Colorado Springs, as the local media announced that the local Intel Corporation plant here might well close down, and 1,000 would lose their employment soon afterward. Actually, another 4,500 jobs would fall alongside the loss of those Intel positions, too. Total hit on the local economy? Over 5,000 jobs!

What does Intel corporation produce? It is the world’s largest superconductor producer. What does the Pentagon use a lot of? Superconductors. Imagine if the Pentagon-White House-Halliburden maniacs weren’t spending a trillion or two on the ridiculously named, ‘War on Terrorism’? Most of America’s economy is actually spent on producing terrorism, and without that, we’d most all be out of work. Isn’t capitalism fabulous?! Big bang for the buck!

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