Desert Rock protests

Navajo protestI might have missed something in ‘The Gazette’, but I sincerely doubt it. The assholes that run that paper are keeping Colorado Springs uninformed of an environmental struggle going on right down the road from us. I am referring to the mainly Navajo protest against the construction of a new power plant in the Four Corners area. See these photos of the Desert Rock Vigil now taking place.

The Navaho don’t want mercury and other contaminants from coal burning to further environmentally degrade their people’s traditional lands. It has become a constant battle to keep the environment of this ancient Native American tribe from being totally destroyed by mining, forestry, and energy production companies.

The White ranchers who struggle to stop the expansion of Fort Carson into Pinon Canyon and the Navaho of Desert Rock, both need to get together and unite their now separate causes. Without unity in the fight to save the environment , Colorado and the Mountain West as a whole are going to become toxic zones in a generation or two. We need energy production, but we need a clean environment, too. Wouldn’t it be great if the many varied groups of citizens out here, would work together better to save these lands?
Navajo protest site

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  1. The bicycle trail which heads south past the CJC and the recycling plants and dumps and such, continues on all the way there. Seems like a worthwhile bike trip.

    Oh yeah, you (Eric) know that funky looking bicycle I was always riding? The RecyclistMobile, yeah that one, when I went for surgery on Dec 1st I didn’t have cab fare, cause it just happened to be payday and I had to be there at 5:30 am, so I rode my bike down to Memorial. Caught a flat tire right the other side of Acacia Park, had to push the bike all the way to Memorial from there, I was so late I couldn’t lock up the bike, so I tied the lock cable in what must have been a convincing manner, and got to the surgery on time.

    So I thought it was long gone, it would have been worth at least spare parts and scrap metal, right? And the most expensive thing I had bought for it was some tubes. The bike itself cost me 6 bucks. But if somebody was desperate enough to need that, then welcome to it, friend, go in peace.

    But nooooo… I went back up to the Hospital last week and There It Was… after 6 weeks, still there…. all I have to do is fix the tire. But this looks like a good way to spend my first post-surgery road trip.

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