Iraqi Freedom Bear

Limited Treasures commemorative teddy bearThis is Sam(TM) The All American Bear(TM). The tag reads: THIS IS NOT A TOY. Please keep away from children. For decorative and collector use only.
For sale only at the PX to US soldiers and their families, Sam is part of The Hometown Heroes Collection which commemorates Operation Iraqi Freedom among other presumably cuddly Defense Department outreach programs.
Now I don’t begrudge the military needing to plan its offensives ahead of time, but this souvenir teddy bear bears a copyright 2002.

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  1. Avatar The 13th says:

    My favorite “photo blog” to date. Beyond morose.

    I’d hate to even speculate the number of hours it took ripping off all the “made in china” tags… or sewing them back on… or ripping them off again…

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