Iraqibacter- the war comes home to you

Iraqibacter. Bet you haven’t heard about it yet? The powers that be, don’t want you to realize how war can make you and your family sick, sicker, and dead. War contributes to ecological breakdown, and nowhere more so, than at the microbial level. ‘Wired News’ has an interesting article on the latest of the superbugs to be resisting our big guns in the hospitals, and it’s called ‘Iraqibacter’. Check it out and think about it. Will the chickens come home to roost in your body some day?

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2 Responses to Iraqibacter- the war comes home to you

  1. Avatar Steve says:

    My, my, my.. The article at has been deleted.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Well to Hell with the link to Wired Magazine then, Steve. I have now reset the link to a different site with much better information about Iraqibacter than Wired Magazine had anyway.

    It is indeed interesting that Wired had so little concern on the issue though?

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