Killing those jailed

Nobody cares. And that is just plain stupid. The prisoners in the US’s gulag of prisons are treated like pieces of crap and denied adequate medical care, and they in turn get sick, get worse, and even come back out into the communities with their jail bred diseases.

Then who gets the bug? The get tough on crime nitwit does. The families of the get tough on time nitwits do. We all do, simply because bad jails with bad or nonexistent medical care breed infectious diseases that later pass into the communities.

Alternet published an article touching on this issue which is educational about the tough on crime nit wit mind set that gets us all more endangered instead of made safer. For Women Behind Bars, “Health Care” Can Be Deadly

1 thought on “Killing those jailed

  1. Crack down on anything and you wind up with broken people.

    That would make a neat bumper sticker.

    Almost wrote bummer sticker, which would be appropos.

    in related news, we’re fixin’ to be sold south AGAIN because a couple of “key” democratic senators are pledging to vote AYE in Mukasey’s confirmation hearing. Even though he “has doubts about the legality of torture, and wants to study that aspect” what the fuck? How can one doubt whether or not torture is legal? And this guy is supposed to be a hotshot cop/lawyer? We.. are… so.. well you know the rest by now.

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