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A death in the Fremont County Jail

I have to write an article about how the Fremont County Sheriff Department, with the help of the Ku Kl/ux Kounty coroner, judges, prosecutors, Medical staff at the Jail and even Paramedics, killed a man named John Walter, beat him to death, for daring to insist that he needed health care. They broke nine of his ribs, witnessed by the Paramedics, and threw him back in his "medical observation" dungeon and left to die. Two years ago. Now there's a lawsuit for wrongful death. They murdered the guy for talking back and not a single pig is going to be even censured for doing it. Just a civil suit. And I'm a witness. I don't know how the lawsuit will come out, never am optimistic about it, and these same Fascist Police State minions did the same thing to me, minus going all the way to the death. So here's the deal-io ... I'm going to publish it in the court of public opinion. It's safer to be way out in the open about such things. Makes it harder for the Fascists to toss one into their cell and wham bam thank you ma'am you'd be just as totally disappeared as if you went into Abu Ghraib, Khandahar, Bagram AFB or Gitmo. It took Mr Walters family two years just to get the ball rolling. And Mr Walters physicians, the ones who had prescribed the medications the Jail Private Nursing Corporation denied to him. When they broke his ribs he had already lost quite a bit of weight in a matter of weeks. The Chickenshit pigs who did it were probably Sgt Greene and Corporal Maas. Sick sadistic bastards who get sexually aroused by beating up on helpless victims. Just like cops around the world and throughout history. Fascism in full bloom. People who don't like that, like my t-shirt published on cafe press says, "y'all can just line up and take turns helping yourselves to a Texas Size all you can eat buffet of Kiss My Liberal Ass"

The New Slave Ships Have Arrived

The year was 1960, and there was only one men’s prison in Colorado at that time, located at Canon City. There was a women’s prison that sat next to the men’s prison. There were three small satellites off the main prison: the ranch, dairy farm and garden. And there was the young men’s reformatory at Buena Vista, for a total of three prisons. In 1960 the population figures for Colorado was nearly two million people, in 2010 it was a little over five million; In a span of fifty years Colorado gained three million people. In 1960, it took 3 prisons to confine the convicts of two million people living in Colorado. By 2006 there were 30 prisons in Colorado, while adding only three million people to the population. Hold on here a minute; something doesn't add up: 2 million people needed 3 prisons, now 5 million people need 30 prisons?! It would be safe to assume that this growth in population were of people about to commit a crime, judging from the growth of new prisons compared to the population growth. That’s quite a growth from 3 prisons to 30 prisons in 26 years; but then we didn’t have the “Prison Industrial Complex” in those years; Corporation private prisons. Their motto should read “If there are no prisoners; there is no profit” If you and your family were out on a Sunday drive in 1960 and happen to drive by “Old Max” on Hi-way 50, you would have noticed a sign in front of the prison that advertised “Visitors Welcome” the sign went on to tell you that you could enter the prison for fifty cents on a guided tour at certain hours. This fifty cents was to go into a prisoner burial fund, for indigent convicts who died while imprisoned. They would then be buried in a pauper grave yard and sentence was complete due to death. A few years later these tours were discontinued for fear that the prisoners might take the tourist hostage, also the Prison Administration had decided that it was better not to let the taxpayer see the condition of the prison they were paying for. My wife and I decided to take the tour. I had the feeling of a rat in the trap when the large steel door slammed shut behind us. After taking only a few steps, we left behind a warm sunny day and stepped into a dark gray world. The doom and gloom seemed to lurk at every corner, the guards in their towers, stared down at the tour, rifles at ready. We had the feeling that this tour, was a bad idea. There was a guard about 70 years old who served as our tour guide, he wore a guard's uniform and walked backwards as he pointed out the finer attractions of the prison; like the hole or the gas chamber. We were not allowed to go into these building as the old guard explained; we could

Are escapees Richard Matt and David Sweat hardened criminals? Maybe, but they’re only dangerous if you’re a cop.

New York State authorities are warning the pubic that prison escapees David Sweat, 34, and Richard Matt, 48, are hardened criminals and extremely dangerous. However, they didn't kill anyone while making their escape from a maximum security prison, and unless you are Matt's former boss, who he killed, or a Sheriff's deputy who stood in their way, such as Sweat plead guilty to co-killing, there's no past record to suggest the pair mean you any harm. Having the police tell everyone "if you see something, say something" does make everyone the fugitives encounter a potential snitch. NY law enforcement should be held accountable for what the pair might be forced to do as a result. Freedom for prisoners. Abolish all prisons.   Now we need homeless vagabonds to head to New York state in pairs to assist the manhunt.

Louisiana Lockdown – What is Angola Prison doing on Animal Planet TV?

Good ol' boys probably think it's mighty funny parading Angola's black prisoners across the teevee, at the whim of an all-white Reality TV corrections officer caste. Inmates are portrayed like the channel's animal kingdom predators, dangerous and unpredictable, but what misconduct is feared, the program doesn't dare tell. For being menacing recidivists, Angola's felons lead the life of choirboys apparently, no mention of the sexual slavery reported in a notorious memoir. What's the HIV transmission rate in Angola? No one's talking about racism. Was "Angola" named for its African population? We've already learned "The Farm" is an immense rural labor camp with a famous gladiatorial rodeo. Hopefully "Louisiana Lockdown" will disclose the reality side of its genre. Until then, the watchdog group most familiar with the mistreatment of Angola's inmates is the humane society.

State of Colorado admits torturing prisoners

Solitary confinement is the favorite manner that the US tortures people with and the State of Colorado has just admitted to torturing people in this manner to the federal government, yet the Obama Administration will not begin to punish the governments in Colorado that use this torture method on prisoners held, since the Federal government uses it, too. The Obama Administration did ask that the State of Colorado not use it to torture TOO many prisoners with though. How nice. See Colorado to move 321 inmates out of solitary

Scott Walker, Koch-Licker Supreme, strikes again

In a measure not just skirting state constitution, but directly contravening it, the Anti-Workers Rights law was published Friday. Not even bothering anymore to hide their vicious agenda to deprive workers of freedom. The only "right" workers will have is to work. At whatever wage the Big Pig Parasite Class decides is enough for them to survive on, even if it's far less than what it costs US to produce our labor. The Greedy-ass Rich Bitch corporate overlords would refuse to make less than a 20% annual profit, yet WE, the workers who put the money in THEIR pockets to begin with, are not allowed to decide what a fair profit for OUR labor, OUR product, would be. Nor even to decide for ourselves what "breaking even" would be, THEIR thieving Corporate Accountants and Corporate Attorneys will tell us and if we object, what? The traditional method for them to punish workers for being so "uppity" as to think of ourselves as Human Beings with rights, is to order THEIR Pigs to arrest us and THEIR so-called "justice" system to Imprison us, forcing US to work for THEIR corporations without any pay. If we object any further, they have THEIR Torture-freak "corrections" officers murder us behind walls, conveniently where the only witnesses will be Their Fellow Pigs. Just a coincidence, then, that the PIG governor of Wisconsin exempted cops and "corrections" Slaves from bargaining limitations? Until he can figure a way to screw them as well. Eat the Rich. We've fed the porky bastards long enough, it's time for them to start feeding US.

Between Iraq and a Hard Place, Slave Labor + Corporate Welfare = Warfare

Since all available national resources are being called in to fight what's the worst unnatural disaster and getting worse, to smite us in a long while, it pays to recognize one huge fact. The equally Corporate Welfare To The Oil Industry wars against Afghan and Iraqi people (for Corporate Profit-not "freedom") and the beneficiaries of this hastily pulled in Public Largesse, an Oil Corporation, BP, which presumably has more corporate money available than the entire U.S. Government does, is "big-assing" us on the subject of actually having to eventually repay the U.S. and State governments... Like Exxon-Valdez being blamed on the actions of one employee, who was imprisoned, and saddled further with a debt that's in the hundred billion dollar range, leaving the Creditors to twist in the wind (Exxon to fishermen: don't blame us, we ain't paying you a thing, F.O.A.D.) It pays, however little, to realize that the main reason for the lack of Federal Funding is the Corporate Welfare given to several of the Largest and Wealthiest entities in THE FRACKIN' WORLD, MON!!! including the very expensive for actual taxpaying citizens, as opposed to Tax-Dodging Corporate "citizens", Wars of Conquest which benefit exactly Whom? Why, the same Oil Companies, like BP, who are expecting the underfunded Federal Government to clean up their little oopsie. And are already filing briefs countering the expected bill coming their way. How very DARE those Peasants demand that we pay for the damage we do? They're also deploying Texas and Louisiana Inmate Unpaid Slave Laborers to fight the damage. Sweet, eh? The ultimate use of Slavery for the benefit of the Ultimate Slave Corporations. If there's any payment made to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, or the Louisiana counterparts, the Slaves ain't gonna get any of it, not an extra bean on their plates. Same as always.

One of the “Drug War” casualties in Juarez wasn’t a Non-Combatant…

He was an El Paso Texas County Sheriffs deputy and a jail guard PLUS... They don't know who the shooters were, so how did they assign the Identification and Motive that they're drug cartel? Kind of jumping the "gun" there, right? I can think of quite a few El Paso County and City cops who piss people off with their arrogant and abusive behavior. It wouldn't be too very unlikely that somebody who the cop had abused in the County Jail recognized him, saw a whole sky full of red and had a gun, and popped him off. People from Juarez and El Paso are really one city. It just has an international border running through the middle of downtown. The "Innocent Victims" count they scream about is very misleading as well, the "drug dealers" who have been popped off by the Mexican Federales and their American "advisers" are convicted after they're already DEAD. That's always an easy conviction to obtain. Judges and prosecutors look the other way when a Cop shoots somebody. The only people who most DEFINITELY aren't "civilians" in this fight, therefore, are the Badges. When the Police cap off a kid or several kids while blowing away a suspected drogadero the excuse is the same as when "our" Army blows away kids in Afghanistan or Iraq, "the 'BAD GUYS' were hiding behind civilians". It also completely ignores the Very Racist Neo-Colonial U.S. Puppet "Parti Accion Nacional" government in Mexico making outright War on the Mayan and Aztec and Toltec and Olmec ethnic majority in the south, and Native groups in the North including the Yaqui and Tahamaura and Coahuila tribes in the north. The ones our own very Racist Border Patrol and the Racist Minutemen make war against. Sure would be handy for the Federales to be able to lump all those bad wicked Indios (which also means in Mexican slang "wild ass semi-educated hillbillies" and also a lump sum condemnation of poor people) into being Drug Lords and such. Not that there isn't an overlap of Ethnic and Political and Drug groups. But then again, the Huedos "Blondies" who run Mexico politically, weellllll... now, they wouldn't exactly be clean of that particular Cultural and Ethnic and Political overlap either. The very richest, their kids are called Hidalgos... "juniors" literally hijo de algo "somebody's boy". Not one to go around spreading rumors, you'll never catch me repeating gossip, (so you'd better be sure and listen close the first time) But it comes out like the nasty rumor that Ronald Reagan's son was a cocaine dealer, and since his daddy was the Governor and the cops looked the other way, he had a natural advantage in "the trade". But of course, that's just a Rumor. The Hidalgo System, the Spanish version of our "Old Boy Network" pretty much guarantees that the most successful criminals in Mexico would be the Rich White Boys. So why are all the "Top Drogaderos" being gunned down in Mexico the classic Meztizo (mixed "mezclado" Indian and Spanish) that the Minutemen

Gov Rick GoodHair issues first Texas posthumous pardon. Mighty white of him

To Tim Cole. Convicted of Rape, died in prison from an asthma attack in 1999... 13 years after being wrongfully convicted, and 4 years after a confession from the Real rapist cleared him. How very kind of Mr Perry to say "OOPS..!" I haven't looked into it but since Mr GoodHair was a prosecutor (small time thief and pig) before becoming the Big Time Thief he is today, he might have had a hand in convicting Mr Cole... and definitely had a hand in keeping him locked up in one of the Texas sweatboxes, where prisoners with Asthma are subjected to the combinations of dust, heat, and no access to their rescue inhalers. Mr GoodHair said it was a gesture for the family. Nice. A better gesture would have been to improve conditions in the prisons, improve medical care both in and out of prisons, and stop being so quick to condemn people to long sentences on shaky evidence. Mr Cole's mother said he "always believed in the Justice System, even when the justice system didn't believe in him." Wonderful place, Texas. They have people so brainwashed they'll believe in the so-called "Justice" system even after 13 years of being shit upon by the rigged system. Mr Perry is just one Evil Piggy face of that system. Now he's going to reap political gain from "righting a wrong" that will never be righted. Even as he sends man after man after man to his death on even more specious and shaky evidence. What a Pig. He's a prime example of why nobody, especially Mr Cole, should ever put any faith in the "justice" system. The system only works for the Rich and Powerful. Just like always.

Israel reveals Gaza is Palestine Gulag

In so many words. Israel is negotiating for the release of POW Gilad Shalit. Of the 1,000 Palestinian POWs to be exchanged, Israel is demanding that 100 or so be denied return to the West Bank, and instead be exiled or remanded to the Gaza Strip.

“Where techology meets mahem” in Chino Prison, have fun!

Uh.. we're hearing nothing about a violent prison riot quelled this weekend in California. The rioting involved 1,300 inmates out of 5,900 crowded in the California Institute for Men, East of Los Angeles, otherwise know as CHINO. Why the silence? Correctional officers got the uprising well in hand, minus one burned facility, thanks to the annual industry trade show called MOCK PRISON RIOT. Its slogan is "Where Technology Meets Mahem." Training is offered to law enforcement and military too. Register Now! "We hope your experience as a role player is educational, informative, and most of all exciting and enjoyable!"

Free those illegally imprisoned at Gitmo

When human rights organizations have called for CLOSING GUANTANAMO, they don't mean AND CARRY ON ELSEWHERE. "Gitmo" is about the illegal detention and torture of human beings. What kind of rubes are we dealing with? Guantanamo is an illegal entity. It's location outside US dominion, and outside Cuba's border, on technicalities, has been used to pretend there's a gray area outside the rule of international law. What's being done inside Guantanamo, holding people indefinitely without bringing charges against them, torture, military commissions, is expressly illegal. Calls to shut Guantanamo down are calls to end the charade of a legal loophole, but they are primarily demands that the immoral behavior be stopped. We don't shut down brothels while arranging for their captives to work elsewhere. Polluters aren't expected merely to shift their poison pipelines into other streams. We don't make arrangements for drug dealers to relocate before we close a crack house or meth lab.

Playing ball with the entrenched church

It would have been my mother's seventieth birthday today. We found the badge she used to gain entry to the Colorado Penal System. Besides serving on State committees for prison reform, Mom would counsel female inmates who were about to be released. Often their release dates would be postponed and postponed. My mother worried she couldn't be too outspoken against the war lest our pro-war Catholic Bishop revoke her chaplain status and she would lose access to the prisoners.

Gitmo is reincarnation of Con Son Island

When you delete data on a computer, actually you only erase pointers to the data. The files remain, but you've eradicated the addresses of where to find them. Likewise, to get away with a crime, you eliminate the witnesses who could point the finger at you. Luckily internet search engines are still proving impervious to "cleaners" due to the proliferating network of memory hole archivists and blogger sidewalk barkers. Try this at home: Google "tiger cages." Think you'll see images of tigers? Hardly! While Americans are being led to infer that John McCain was mistreated by his North Vietnamese jailers, let's revisit how our forces treated the communist civilian captives. There was a precedence for Guantanamo. Vietnamese non-combatant detainees were caged on an offshore island prison called Con Son. The occasional pots held lye which the guards threw unto the prisoners for purposes of "hygiene." When the Con Son brutality was found out, the victims were transfered to worse quarters called "cow cages."

The Dirty Half-Dozen Dozen Dozen

The US Department of Defense is recruiting felons to fill its ranks. The number of criminals enlisted in 2007 is double that in 2006. No news yet about whether the figure exponentiates in 2008.

More statistics to sleep on

I hear that less than 25% of the American public knows approximately how many US soldiers have died in Iraq. The total as of today is 3,986. Two other US statistics of note: of men in prison and teenage girls: The 4,000 death was predicted to fall a month from now, until a casual suicide bomber ambled up to a group of our soldiers. The death toll was five, though I find it beyond curious that Iraqi observers were insistent it had been six. ONE PERCENT of all Americans is behind bars. The number represents 7% of all Black Americans, 11% of young black males, and 3% of Hispanic males. The work gulag capitalist enterprise system in China boasts the next highest incarceration rate, where the percentage of the Chinese population imprisoned is 0.1%. One in four teenage American girls have an STD. That's three million girls aged 14-19. 48% of all black girls, 20% of white girls. In 18% of the cases the STD is genital warts.

Stop plans for ICE detention in Denver

OPPOSE the construction of a new immigrant detention center in Aurora! Colorado Progressive Coalition office, 1600 Downing St. Suite 210 Saturday, March 1 11:00 a.m. The GEO Group, one of the nation's largest private prison corporations wants to build a new 1,100 bed immigrant holding facility in Aurora. The Aurora Planning Commission will vote on the proposal to build this facility March 12. If you would like to help stop this facility from being built: 1. Contact Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition with your name and/or organization to sign on to the attached petition. Contact: 2. Contact the Planning Commission directly, along with the Mayor and Aurora City Council, and tell them to oppose the detention center. Their email addresses:,,, and 3. Personalize and print the petition as a letter to be sent to: Planning Commission Members, Aurora Mayor and City Council c/o Susan Chapel, 15151 E. Alameda Parkway, 2nd floor, Aurora, CO 80012 4. Join us on Saturday, March 1 at 11 a.m. at the Colorado Progressive Coalition, 1600 Downing St. We will meet to review strategy, talk about how to engage safely and respectfully. We will then drive out to Aurora to flyer. If you are unable to make it to this event but know others that might, please forward this message to them. ---------------------------- Dear Planning Commission Members, As you may know, the GEO Group, a billion dollar corporation, wants to build a new 1,100 bed immigrant holding facility in Aurora. This facility will hurt our community and lead to great suffering while putting millions of tax dollars into the pockets of a destructive corporation. We strongly urge you to OPPOSE the construction of a new immigrant detention center in Aurora when it comes up for hearing on March 12. Here is why: Detention hurts asylum seekers and other victims of torture and trauma Torture survivors, victims of trafficking, and other vulnerable groups can be detained for months or even years, further aggravating their isolation, depression, and other mental health problems associated with the horrors they have experienced. Conditions in detention are atrocious Detention centers across the country have prevented men, women and children access to phones and food. Several people held in immigration detention have died because they did not receive basic medical care. The GEO Group was forced to close detention centers after the US Justice Department sued for “abuse and neglect,” “life threatening conditions,” and sexual assault of children. Private prisons profit off of misery GEO is expecting $30 million a year in profits for its new Aurora facility. GEO has a vested interest in having sufficient men, women and children to fill its beds. To GEO, they’re not people, they’re profits- at $95 per person per day. To this end, the GEO group has given hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions to ensure elected officials push for policies that benefit GEO- more detentions nation-wide. A detention center can become a poorly run state or federal prison almost overnight The GEO Group has not been granted

911 response post 9/11

9/11 is the excuse for what happened to Hope Steffey after a 911 call. The Torture State's Domestic Face. Do you think that 911 and 9/11 have nothing to do with each other? Then think about the men held 5 years without charges in the Guantanamo torture camp. Where are your rights now? Tasered?

Torture Gate

Let's face it, the President, the Vice President, Donald Rumsfield, and other top current and previous Bush Administration bosses are criminals and need to be imprisoned now. They illegally have been torturing Prisoners of War. Further, they destroyed government evidence of their original crimes, which is a crime itself. Are you proud to be led by criminals of this sort? Are you proud to be led by others that help them get away from being prosecuted for their crimes? Are you proud to be an American today? If so, what's it like as you wave the little American flag around while you sit by and support the use of torture as an American? Torture Gate is the defining moment for our nation at this point.

Gitmo operating manual leaked

Wiki Leaks has obtained an updated copy of the Standard Operating Procedures for CAMP DELTA. They've posted both a DOC and PDF version available for download as it is UNCLASSIFIED. Due to the document's size, the transparency group is inviting everyone to study and comment. Already revealed: certain detainees are hidden from the International Red Cross, the use of psychological torture, both violations of the Geneva Conventions. Below is the table of contents:   Camp Delta Standard Operating Procedures Headquarters, Joint Task Force - Guantanamo (JTF-GTMO) Guantanamo Bay, Cuba - 1 March 2004 Contents (listed by paragraph and page number), page iv Camp Delta Rules, page ix Chapter 1 Introduction, page 1.1 Purpose ? 1-1, page 1.1 Minor SOP Modifications ? 1-2, page 1.1 References ? 1-3, page 1.1 Explanation of Abbreviations and Terms ? 1-4, page 1.1 JDOG Mission and Commander’s Intent ? 1-5, page 1.1 Responsibilities ? 1-6, page 1.1 U.S. Personnel Standards of Conduct ? 1-7, page 1.2 General Protection Policy ? 1-8, page 1.3 Chapter 2 Command and Control, page 2.1 Chain of Command ? 2-1, page 2.1 Physical Plant ? 2-2, page 2.1 Camp Delta Operations ? 2-3, page 2.1 Section I – Personnel, page 2.1 Detention Operations Branch ? 2-5, page 2.1 Detention Services Branch ? 2-6, page 2.2 Section II – Functions, page 2.2 Detention Operations Center (DOC) ? 2-7, page 2.2 Record Keeping ? 2-8, page 2.3 Chapter 3 Detainee Reception Operations, page 3.1 Overview ? 3-1, page 3.1 Infantry Support Operations ? 3-2, page 3.1 Land Movement ? 3-4, page 3.2 In-processing Security ? 3-5, page 3.2 Inbound and Outbound Operations DMO ? 3-6, page 3.4 Linguist Support ? 3-7, page 3.4 Facility Support ? 3-8, page 3.4 Chapter 4 Detainee Processing (Reception/Transfer/Release DMO) page 4.1 Purpose ? 4-1, page 4.1 Initial Processing ? 4-2, page 4.1 Documents ? 4-3, page 4.1 Preparation for Processing ? 4-4, page 4.1 Personnel Requirements ? 4-5, page 4.1 In-Processing Procedures ? 4-6, page 4.1 MP Escort Responsibilities ? 4-7, page 4.2 Clothing Removal Rome (Station 1) ? 4-8, page 4.2 Shower (Station 2) ? 4-9, page 4.2 Cavity Search (Station 3) ? 4-10, page 4.2 Dressing/Shackle Exchange (Station 4) ? 4-11, page 4.2 DNA Sample (Station 5) ? 4-12, page 4.2 Height And Weight (Station 6) ? 4-13, page 4.2 DRS In-Processing (Station 7) ? 4-14, page 4.3 ID Wristband/Dossier (Station 8 ) ? 4-15, page 4.3 Fingerprint (Station 9) ? 4-16, page 4.3 Camp Rules (Station 10) ? 4-17, page 4.3 Post processing ? 4-18, page 4.3 Reporting ? 4-19, page 4.3 Behavior Management Plan ? 4-20, page 4.3 Chapter 5 Detention Facility Operations, page 5.1 Section I – Rules of Engagement (ROE) and Rules for the Use of Force (RUF) ? 5-1, page 5.1 Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) Use ? 5-2, page 5.3 Camp Rules ? 5-3, page 5.2 Section II – Daily Reports ? 5-4, page 5.1 Incident Reports ? 5-5, page 5.2 SPOT Reports ? 5-6, page 5.2 Serious Incident Reports ? 5-7, page 5.3 Discipline Records ? 5-8, page 5.3 Section III – Guard Mount ? 5-9, page 5.3 Change of Shift Procedures ? 5-10, page 5.3 Equipment Chit System ? 5-11, page 5.4 Section IV – DOC Operations ? 5-12, page 5.6 Public Address System ? 5-13, page 5.4 Radio Discipline ? 5-14, page 5.4 Building Maintenance ? 5-15, page 5.6 Video Camera/ Combat Camera ? 5-16, page 5.8 Section V –

Solitary confinement blocks for Ft Carson

Mark Lewis has been sent photographs taken by an alert Southeast Coloradan, of trucks laden with strange cargo for the Ft Carson PCMS. Strapped to each truck bed are several self contained units, of what appear to be modular living quarters, if your idea of a studio apartment is a single room, five foot by ten. On one end of each there's a window in the form of a single narrow slit and at the other end a door with a similar window and a small utility door. If you were to imagine a place to conceal the Man in the Iron Mask in 21st Century prefab construction material, this would be it. The modular design looks like they're made to fit into a honeycomb, reached by way of metal grates. A recent executive order has cleared the way for military bases to house civilian detention facilities. I imagined barracks like the WWII internment camps. These accommodations look more suited to Guantanamo.

Turning those looking for work into felons

The US government is beginning to make the Mexican-US Border into a supplier for the prisons by turning undocumented workers into declared felons. No doubt, this is going to help employment in the US for all the pro military-industrial types, who can now maybe better weather the incoming economic crash some, by watching over jailed Mexicans while getting paid? What a way to breed racist Minutemen thugs, too! Welcome to Prison Nation. No doubt the meatheads of America will be thrilled to death with this new governmental welfare program for them.

Militarizing society everywhere

America's 'War on Drugs' is creating disaster across the planet. This week it came home to my neighborhood, as the Colorado Springs police closed down a whole block on Madison Street, of all places, to do its Swat Team training. Helped in this endeavor by the local Jewish Synagogue, who loaned them a house to use, about 20 cops, 5 dog terrorists, and 12 pig mobiles wasted the afternoon away playing with their toys. Switch now to a new Brazilian film, Tropa de Elite, that shows how this nonsense plays out in the poor neighborhoods of that great South American country, as the very same militarized policing units act as death squads, all in the name of 'fighting drugs'. Switch to Afghanistan where a US occupation army pretends to be fighting the spread of opium. Switch to Colombia, where the US death squads pretend to be fighting cocaine. It's time to get the police out of all our neighborhoods, cut the Pentagon down to size, and fight the expansion of Fort Carson into yet more of SE Colorado. Aren't you tired of them militarizing society everywhere?

Nicaragua, US made basket case

Pity Nicaragua, and pity Haiti. The US has screwed up both places royal through its 'interventions' time after time, and yet hardly an American seems to care. What a totally immoral country we live in! Today, these are the 2 poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere due to what our country has done to them and continues to do. I have been visiting a friend in immigration lockup in Aurora about once a week for the last month. He feels that INS (ICE) will jail him for about 6-9 months before they deport him back to a country where 50%PLUS of the population is now living on less than $1 a day. Our rich folk's laws in the US say that he has no right to be here and that he acted illegally in entering their country which happens to be my US. Go figure? The US entered his country illegally and blew off one of my friend's arms back when he was still a kid, and turned the country he lived into a total basket case which it already was. The last American intervention just got it turned into yet an even worse basket case than the previous US intervenion had made it into. With each US intervention they just fucked up things worse for the Nicaraguans. These American rich people that went and pulverized Nicaragua over and over again, always talk about how the poor need to take personal responsibility for their actions yet they themselves never take any personal responsibility for turning another man's country into a total shit hole of poverty, like what has been done to Nicaragua. These rich imperialist supporters are mean, stupid, and uncaring beyond belief. I would much rather that our own rich were deported to Hell where they belong than that my friend get deported from where I live. What the Hell is wrong with so many of my neighbors that they actually see poor immigrants, like my friend, as being some sort of threat to their own well being? I wish my friend the best, and am disgusted with the country that is my own. I would leave it myself except that the US has screwed up most of the rest of the world anyway. America, love it or leave it? Get real... America the way it is just plain sucks and its stench is smelled throughout the world and there is no getting away from it. There just is nowhere to run from the odor. I am ashamed of the people we have become. Just look at how many places we have destroyed. Is there any current hope for Nicaragua? It is hard to tell.

Jena, take your nooses down

John Mellencamp has put out a new video and new song in support of the Jena 6. I think it will be a hit, and hopefully KRCC will begin to play it on a regular basis. Call them up and ask that they do.