The Democrats, the Republicans, and Israel are threatening to incinerate Gaza

What happens when you drop bomb after bomb on a densely populated civilian area? It most likely will go up into flames right? It is a war crime to even threaten such a thing let alone do it.

Let’s face it, America, much of the US population just like much of the Jewish population of Israel want to kill off Arabs and Muslims because they are full of racial and cultural hatred of them. The following film posted on alternet’s website gives an honest portrayal of what these people are actually like. Pro-Israel Rally Attended by Big-Time NY Dems Descends into Calls for ‘Wiping Out’ Palestinians

Amy Goodman looks at Barack Obama

Amy GoodmanAmy Goodman gives Barack Obama a fair lookover during a discussion with investigative journalist John Pilger in Britain, Columbia University professor and Africa scholar Mahmood Mamdani, Laura Carlsen of the Center for International Policy in Mexico City, Iraqi analyst Raed Jarrar, Pakistani author Tariq Ali, and Palestinian American Ali Abunimah of Electronic Intifada.
President-Elect Obama and the Future of US Foreign Policy: A Roundtable Discussion The focus is on foreign policy and the conclusions are rather gloomy about what 4 years with Barack as the Great Helmsman in the White House will actually soon begin to look like.

What a breath of fresh air Amy Goodman gives America with this program. It is nice to see intelligent discussion of reality as opposed to adulatory and adolescent fantasies about the new president that border on worship services at a Pentecostal Church. It is clear that all of these people who participated in this round table discussion on Goodman’s program understand that Barack Obama is not alone at sail on The Seven Seas, but is clearly part of a leadership teem astride an American aircraft carrier armed to the teeth. None of them seem to be very positive about what the future will bring from this sad perspective.

Since the focus of this discussion with Amy is Obama’s future foreign policy, there is little mention of what his future domestic policies will probably be like. It would be great if she continues the dialog with yet another round table discussion that examines just that question! I rather think that the conclusions from an informed group of Leftists about the future Democratic Party’s agenda under Obama will be just as dreary if she does look at his plans on the domestic front as well. After all, we have already seen just what it will appear like with the bipartisan giveaway to the companies from the Federal Treasury that the Democrats and Republicans worked out together that is currently continuing to contribute to sinking the world economy, not to mention just ‘our’ own.

Without Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now, alternet, counterpunch, and antiwar.comm, we would only be left with a group of totally abject Democratic Party cheerleaders now. Each and everyone of these websites is worthy of any financial donation that you can make? We rely on all of them for informative reporting. Let’s hope that they keep up the good work and hope that other important sources of discussion and reporting can be developed, too.

Human Rights Watch lied to world press about who dropped cluster bombs where?

Shame on you, Human Rights Watch! You lied didn’t you? You lied to help whip up international support for the US attack on South Ossetia that their Georgian government stooges carried out. At a key moment you spread lies that Russia had dropped cluster bombs on Georgia throughout the world press and now you’ve been caught at it! Human Rights Watch says Georgia admits to dropping cluster bombs in S. Ossetia This news comes from the Associated Press.

What will be interesting is to see if any of the Democratic Party tied liberal sites like Common Dreams and alternet actually print the real news now? My fingers are crossed. The DP leaders are almost as gung ho for whipping up a hysteria against Russia as the McCainites are. Aren’t you Biden and Barack?

Human Rights Watch will hide away the news now as best they can about how it was the Georgian government that used those cluster bombs. Shame on this group! They were doing their best to add to the Let’s Reopen the Cold War hysteria that started to grip the US media, and now… what do they have to say for themselves? Not much.

Human Rights Watch part of a Pentagon propaganda campaign against Russia

George SorosThat is GEORGE SOROS, main mover and funder behind the self styled “Human Rights Watch.” The US government is on a bipartisan campaign to label Russia a brutal imperialist country, blaming it for war crimes by Russia’s coming to the defense of its own national defense interests on its Southern border. And heading up its propaganda campaign is the so-called US based and funded human rights organization, Human Rights Watch, which has been bombarding the Western press with accusations against Russia that the country has supposedly been violating international ‘norms of civilized warfare’ in the recent fighting with Georgia.

These HRW accusations are that Russia has been using cluster bombs in the fighting and the one and only source for these claims seems to be Human Rights Watch. Why only they then? And why is this the Human Rights Watch’s focus and not the placing of US nuclear weapons systems in Poland to threaten Russia with a nuclear first strike? Is this just the first instance of such imbalance in commentaries and campaigns by Human Rights Watch, or is this an endemic style of theirs?

The short answer is that this is far from being the first time that Human Rights Watch has been on the front lines of propaganda warfare for the US government, as has been documented well in the past by many. Edward S. Herman for example, a co-thinker and coauthor with Noam Chomsky, wrote this about Human Rights Watch’s record in regard to the US invasion and occupation of Iraq….

‘But despite these and countless other constructive efforts (to avoid a war with Iraq), the organization has at critical times and in critical theaters thrown its support behind the U.S. government’s agenda, sometimes even serving as a virtual public relations arm of the foreign policy establishment. Since the early 1990s this tendency has been especially marked in the organization’s focus on and treatment of some of the major contests in which the U.S. government itself has been engaged—perhaps none more clearly than Iraq and the Balkans. Here, its deep bias is well-illustrated in a March 2002 op-ed by HRW’s executive director, Kenneth Roth, published in the Wall Street Journal under the title “Indict Saddam.”[7] The first thing to note about this commentary is its timing. It was published at a time when the United States and Britain were clearly planning an assault on Iraq with a “shock and awe” bombing campaign and ground invasion in violation of the UN Charter. But Roth doesn’t warn against launching an unprovoked war—though wars of aggression had been judged by the Nuremberg Tribunal to be the “supreme international crime” that “contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.”[8] On the contrary, Roth’s focus was on Saddam’s crimes, and provided a valuable public relations gift to U.S. and British leaders, diverting attention from and putting an apologetic gloss on their prospective supreme international crime.’

This is part of a 35 page work tha Herman did in investigating Human Rights Watch’s connections with the US government and the entire publication is well worth reading. See Znet’s copy of Human Rights Watch in Service to the War Party which was published back in February 2007.

Also of note is Michael Barker’s Hijacking Human Rights which like Herman’s much longer analysis, reviews the funding of Human Rights Watch and show how it is so well connected to the propaganda work they do for the US State Department and Pentagon. He focuses on the role of George Soros in creating today’s Human Rights Watch.
Both Barker and Herman (and his coauthors) study this funding of HRW and take it apart in detail and show its role in the structure of HRW’s work in pushing pro- US government propaganda to the press.

It is important for people to know more about Human Rights Watch because many people see ‘human rights’ or ‘united nations’ in a name and they think automatically that that is what these organizations are connected with serving. That is not always the case, no more so than that because the word ‘Christian’ is in a name automatically denotes that leaders of these groups have anything to do with true the ideals and beliefs of Christianity.

Unfortunately many liberals and radical types seem to be falling for it. Liberal web sites like Common Drreams and alternet are running these Human Rights Watch propaganda blasts as if they are somehow the real thing. With a record as bad as Human Rights Watch has with its continual connection of itself with paralleling US war drives, these Progressive folk really should be much more critical minded and less gullible than they are when it comes to reading the HRW material. Just follow the money trail…

Which will make the prettiest Barbie Doll?

Michelle versus Cindy! Which will make the prettiest Barbie Doll? That’s a tough one, if simply because neither one is standing next to a Ken.

May be that they are standing next to an aging Ken on Cialis, or next to A Ken Look Who’s Coming to Dinner Part Deux? So picking the prettiest Barbie Doll this election doll this year is going to be just a little bit different than in the past.

At least we won’t have Hillary as the Barbie Doll, standing next to her Ken! We just barely missed that fate, thank The Gods! But we must choose a Barbie Doll of some sort, so we won’t get off completely now.

So what do the feminists have to say about this selection-election (erection)? Just kidding on that last -tion, but it rhymed and I had to put it in. So let’s go to alternet to see… The Candidates’ Wives Face Media Sexism
(Quite frankly, I’m surprised to see the feminists put it that way…lol) Media Sexism indeed!

I think that the media is actually doing all of us a service by letting us scrutinize the Barbie Dolls this way. One of the most fun things of all was agogging Laura’s activities during the last 8 years. I loved her book selection and would choose it any day over Oprah’s! She has been kind of a soft and sexy Bush family Barbie.

It’s not like the media is promoting pornography by having us all check out Michelle and Cindy closely. It’s not molesting a child or anything. Michelle and Cindy are not sad (female) victims of an old fashioned Mormon cult, or the like. They have functioning minds of their own. They’re talking dolls!

So I haven’t made up my mind yet. I may wait until the day of the election before finally deciding which one of the two will make the prettiest Barbie Doll for me. They’re both cute! Though I’m leaning and a tilting a little towards Candy Cane!

‘White-facing’ MLK

Every year in America, we go through a sick ceremony that ‘White-face’s’ MLK. That ceremony is called MLK Day, where leaders of the White Community, that wouldn’t have bothered spitting on the living Man, as opposed to tasering him, start to slobber all over themselves in order to lecture the general public about ‘the message’ of Martin Luther King.

MLK has been converted into another Establishment Christ figure, but one that seemingly is Black. Per American media, MLK just like their Christ version, loved all equally and supposedly opposed any anger at the racist well-to-do war monger, that the corporate media adore. Don’t be angry, was the message of MLK per the US Establishment.

Here is a commentary about this phenomena 40 Years Later, Martin Luther King Is Still Silenced published on alternet.

MLK, largely did not get openly angry, except that begin to change in the last few months of his life. He stopped staying silent about many issues that he had not addressed previously, in his role as a raterh conservative pastor. The flock had gotten tired of all that ‘turn the other cheek’ stuff, and demanded more from Martin, and he began to belatedly deliver more. That anger that came out at the end of his life is the real message of Martin Luther King today. He spoke out and lost his life for it in the end. Don’t let the corporate media and government turn MLK into a white-faced Establishment pastor. MLK had broken from that mold. He had gotten fed up.

The ‘Save Darfur’ PR scam

Alternet today published The Black Agenda Report’s commentary calling the ‘Save Darfur’ a US interventionist PR scam. Ten Reasons to Suspect “Save Darfur” is a PR Scam ‘Humanitarian intervention’ is getting to be a more and more difficult sale for the government to make.

It reminds me even of a new and used car dealership I once ran into. The salesman had this gigantic 3 foot by 2 foot Bible on his desk. Don’t buy it!

And don’t buy that the US government is some how the agent for progressive intervention anywhere around the globe. It just is not. Too bad that it is this way, but it just is.

Want to help the people of the world out? Then fight against giving this country’s government permission to go into other peoples’ territories to run their affairs. The ‘Save Darfur’ campaign is in great part a government funded PR scam that does the complete opposite of that. It wants our government to tell others just what to do, to do it our way, and to punish any of those who get in the way. It is a campaign to provide rationale for military interventionism into important parts of Africa that our corporate government wants to control.

Killing those jailed

Nobody cares. And that is just plain stupid. The prisoners in the US’s gulag of prisons are treated like pieces of crap and denied adequate medical care, and they in turn get sick, get worse, and even come back out into the communities with their jail bred diseases.

Then who gets the bug? The get tough on crime nitwit does. The families of the get tough on time nitwits do. We all do, simply because bad jails with bad or nonexistent medical care breed infectious diseases that later pass into the communities.

Alternet published an article touching on this issue which is educational about the tough on crime nit wit mind set that gets us all more endangered instead of made safer. For Women Behind Bars, “Health Care” Can Be Deadly

The Bush family cash cow

Curriculum on castorsDespite having no experience in education, Neil Bush is the founder of a Texas-based company called Ignite! Learning, which, since 1999 has peddled strange little devices called “Curriculums on Wheels” (COWs) to schools state and nationwide.
Rather than anything bovine, COWs actually resemble bright plastic droids or office chairs gone terribly wrong. Described as “computer/projectors,” it’s not really clear what they do or how they work, and a cursory look at the company’s website does not help. (Apparently it involves swivel action.) Regardless, there are COWs for different subjects: the Math COW, the Science COW (“the ultimate classroom sidekick!”) and the Social Studies COW. No sign of a sex-ed COW. See the complete alternet article

In District 11 Colorado Springs, this sort of robotic device goes by the name ‘the success maker‘. It too, is a cash cow that is a bright ‘droid’ that doesn’t profit the kids at all, but kills them slowly with non-teaching designed to kill the brain. This crap from these corporate vampires is sick, sick, sick…. In fact, it is a form of child abuse pretending to be education reform.

Check out Neil Bush’s website and the lovely Musak he uses to push this nonsense.

Plastic Bags are just garbage

Speaking of plastic whores, Alternet carried a great article The Great Plastic Bag Plague about the proliferation of plastic bags and possible solutions to it. They also linked to

Now, which is the greatest garbage here in Colorado Springs? Is it The Gazette or is it the blue plastic bag it always comes in? And is it any great ecological feat to pick up dog poop in this blue plastic bag, and then toss it at the ‘Freedom Publications’ editors? And is it better to get paper bags or plastic at the factory chain grocery stores when you go through the counter with your plastic food?

Personally, I think that we should do as Ireland seems to be doing. Let’s charge 10-25 cents for each plastic bag and use that fund for saving the ecology of our planet. Such simple remedies for many ecological problems lie all around us and are not being implemented simply because the population passively allows the corporate community to rule over the common folk.

Our US population likes to think of themselves as mainly being rebels, but in reality, a more inert, immobile and passive population could hardly be imagined. How easy it would be to drastically reduce the amount of garbage we throw away in this country! Plastic bags are just garbage and we should pass laws to control how much of this stuff gets poorly used and then discarded.

Make public transit free for riders

Why on earth do governments charge riders for taking public transit? What a defeatist system! This service needs to be free in every city of the country and paid for by other taxes, like road taxes for example.

If road taxes paid to keep public transportation on the road and full of riders, then less roads themselves would have to be built, less money would have to be paid for public health, and less money paid out to build new infrastructure into far away suburbs. See Alternet article on this issue.

I had to say something

James Harris has a great interview on Alternet with Mike Jones, friend and counselor of Ted Haggard. It is about his book, the one rejected by local lizard small shop keeper Poor Richard, and is titled, ‘I had to say something’. Thank good he did say something, too.

Jones is quite a contrast to many in America, who turn their back on the issues and turn their back on their own liberal communities and constituencies in cowardly, defeatist, and self serving manners. Leadership on issues and causes often can come from stranger quarters, while those who stand as leaders often or not leading.

If you get this book ordered from elsewhere, be sure to go into Poor Richards, and let the employees know that their owner, Richard Skorman is a pathetic nitwit for not carrying the book in his bookstore. With Democratic Party tied ‘liberals’ like Skorman all over America, rest assured that their call to reform that political party is as weightless as the multitude of advocates for that political orientation themselves.

Pornology- is it available at Poor Richards?

I just learned about this book, Pornology, over at alternet where they had an article about it. So I’m wondering whether I should go over to Poor Richard’s and get a copy?

You see, like so many sad individuals of my sex, I have a porn addiction. I wrestle with this devil (sometimes day and night!) for weeks at a time. I am hoping that the female author, named Ayn (wonder if her parents gave her this name due to their studious readings in Ayn Rand Thought?) Carrillo-Gailey, of this work can give me insight to help cure me of this nasty affliction? Wonder if New Life Church could help?

I’m wondering, also, if I could go insane as so many have done through the ages due to their inability to focus on realities while under the curse of obsession with their affliction of onanism? Luckily, District 11 has a middle school course in endocrinology and abstinence that will probably inoculate our children from becoming addicted to this vice. I just wish that they had had this course back in the ’50s and ’60s when I was a kid. Plus, I was altered by not having alternet to alert me to finding fine books on this delicate subject such as Pornology seems to be.

Please Poor Richard have a copy available for me when I get to your store. This definitely looks to be good writing!

MTA and the ‘failure to communicate’

There is a sad but funny commentary on Alternet titled, ‘The Iraq Debacle- Failure to Communicate?‘ I took a semester of Modern Standard Arabic ages ago and this article and the subsequent commentaries discuss the lack of available Arabic translators amongst ‘our troops’ and the various causes for that.

Following is my comment under one of the threads discussing this article.

Nothing new here…
Posted by: logansafi on Apr 9, 2007 7:14 PM

There’s nothing new here with our clownish military and our clown CIC. Nobody knew how to speak Albanian or Serbo Croat either, and God save us if they ever go into Darfur-Chad-Sudan! ‘Saviours’ without a clue they always are.

It is obvious why the US military is so in bed with Israel. Israel is the only country that has some Arab linguist ability, especially when you count their Falangist Lebanese killer friends.

MTA should be what this lingua franca should be called. Modern Torture Arabic. Good for use while stealing Iraqi oil.

Clinton’s South American death squads haunt Bush on tour

That other US war is still in the news outside of the US. That war the liberal Democrats want us all to forget about. Colombia.

The Clinton Era foisted off on us more than a few acts of US government military interventionism besides the US War of Aggression Against Yugoslavia. The other big one (other than the war waged by the Clinton team against Iraq) was the intervention into the long festering Colombian Civil War. There our government went in big sponsoring and funding military created death squads called paramilitaries.

The big pretense was that these were private Colombian military units ouside of Colombian and American government control, but that lie is coming unglued in a huge scandal now being unfolded in the Latin American press. Bush enters with his LA/ Hollywood propaganda tour in the middle of all this, and has good coverage of this.

US Out of Colombia!

Is Iraq in ‘Civil War’?

Our national debates often enter into surreal territories, and I got to say that I find the liberal sites to be almost as bad as the conservative ones when it comes to their examination of US militarism. Today finds the liberal sites, like Alternet and CommonDreams celebrating what a supposed advance forward it is that NBC started calling the situation in Iraq a civil war. The White House duly responded with, “Is not! Is not!”. So there, we now have lined up the two sides of the usual American idiocy, The Democrats versus the Republicans. Yawn…. But is the Iraq conflict in reality a ‘civil war’ like the liberals are now declaring it to be? I think not.

See, the liberal Democratic Party types don’t dare call the Iraq conflict what it really is, which is an imperialist war and colonial occupation Made in America. So they do the next best thing they can come up with, and that is to say that the US has troops centered in a country with a ‘civil war’ flaring up. Oh my! Despite ‘our’ good intentions, we’re in danger! Let’s cut and run!
This way of stupidly arguing this issue of war and peace with the Right, allows pro-warmongers to say, Look, the Iraqis need us to keep themselves from killing each other. Oh how humane we shall always be!

Liberals, this is no civil war at all. Can you imagine in our real American Civil War, would we have ever called it a Civil War if all the American cities, both South and North, had been occupied by a bunch of murderous imperial troops, from say Mongolia or Japan? And that these troops were causing the chaos between different sections of our own country’s population? See the simple difference between a real civil war, and an imperialist war? Apparently, the liberals have big trouble on that! Our American Civil War was a civil war, whereas the Iraqi chaos is not.

If one remembers this, the Vietnam War was once described by the American press as a civil war, too. The supposed good guys in South Vietnam were our friends, and the bad guys there were the commies. It was taught that South Vietnam was in a civil war where another country would not leave the South Vietnamese alone to solve their internal difficuties. That bad country was called North Vietnam. Just like then, the argument went that we had to occupy the country, simply because without us, the ‘civil war’ there would go much for the worse. Plus, another country, Iran… uh I mean North Vietnam, was wrongly entering into another country’s civil strife. and trying to turn it into a ‘civil war’! We had to save the South Vietnamese from foreign intervention into their civil war! Oh such tortured logic the warmongers must use.

Liberals refuse to tell the truth to people, back then and right now. They don’t go out and say that we have torn apart another society because we are an imperialist country that invaded and occupied their land. God forbid it if the liberals , who are such great flag waving patriots, would ever speak bad of the troops! Instead, the liberals have a tendency to revert to just moaning and groaning about, Why be over there in such a bad neighborhood? Look, there’s a civil war going on. Gotta go now! We’re getting hurt. Today, some liberal nuns were actually here in Colorado delivering food to our US soldiers! Poor soldier boys and girls. Get them out of harm’s way. They’re innocently in the midst of a ‘civil war’, and need some canned goods delivered to them! They’re starving! Bring them home and feed them better. Such nonsense makes me want to cry, but that’s what the liberal nuns were pushing today in Colorado.

What to say when the US spent all that time previous to the invasion, arming and training Kurds in the North of Iraq? When they take orders from DC, Iraqi Kurds are not fighting a ‘civil war’ then? But if they free lance like the Shia and the Sunni are currently doing, well that’s ‘civil war’? No? That’s nonsense. Iraq is still a conflict where ethnic tensions are being provoked by foreign powers. There is a simple name for doing that, too. It is called IMPERIALISM, not ‘civil war. The US is an imperialist country as is Britain. Imperialism often times picking on weaker countries, not countries that can better fight back. So the first cousin of American imperialism is COLONIALISM. Iraq is in the center of a colonial war, not civil war, Olbermann. I center on this liberal, because he is the point man of the Democrats within the media at this time. It is he that is pushing this use of ‘civil war’ to describe the battlefield that his government has made in the Middle East. LOL. Well he would say, at least, that Bush is not ‘his’ government. But then again, both Iraqi Shia and Sunni agree on one thing. This is not a ‘civil war’, but a warfare forced on them by colonial occupiers. My Fellow Americans, this is an imperialist war and a colonial war. It’s kind of shameful for us continually putting the guilt on the Iraqis on this matter.

The sheer nature of imperialism, is that the imperial power always uses one sector of the colony against another. It only gets called civil war, when the imperial country doesn’t klike the way things are spinning out of its control. Then they can withdraw, and say, “Oh those primitive people. They hate each other. They are always in a civil war”. I’m waiting for the day when NBC and Olbermann start calling the Middle East wars of the US for what they are. What they really are. That’s right. I’m waiting to hear the righteous Olbermann to start calling the foreign policy of the US, IMPERIALISM. But Democratic Party motivated liberals and their liberalism can’t be depended on too much.

The Pigs love their new cattle prods, they do

Long time ago, I once did a psych rotation at Terrell State Hospital in Texas. The big question posed for us students by our teachers, was whether or not it was right for administration to be using a cattle prod on a patient that was gutteral, scatalogical, and aggressive? I was the lonesome minority of one amongst the teachers and students that said that it was absolutely disgraceful to be doing this.

The big argument for using it at Terrell, was that this was supposedly more humane than allowing the patient to wallow in his own shit. My the great claims for electricity through the years! Always in vogue. But in my youthful innocence, I thought then, that it was just the particular regional backwardness of where I was at (Texas), and that this debate was a vestigal remains of a former primitive psychiatry along with the use of ‘insulin therapy’ and ‘hydrotherapy’. Alas, but one can see today that ‘hydrotherapy’ is now back in vogue with the likes of Dick Cheney, Ricardo Sanchez, Alberto Gonzalez, and Donald Rumsfield runnning the wards. And so is the cattle prod. They now call it The Taser, and it has become the fascistmindeds’ favorite tool of torture, both at home and abroad.

An Alternet article looks at The killers’ alternative to guns

The Art of War was not written for common man

I’d like to address Scott Ritter’s recent Alternet post where he criticises the anti-war movement for not schooling itself in the tactics of those who are pro-war. Among his recommedations were that the movement adopt a centralized command structure, which he was volunteering to advise.
My advice? The anti-war movement comes from the grassroots, by definition without central control. Neither Sun Tzu, nor other strategists wrote for the grassroots. Waging war was never in the interest of the common man. Sun Tzu’s advice was for leaders.

Would you say a grassroots mistrust of leadership might be warranted right now? We are betrayed by our politicians, almost to the last one. Now is not the time to cede authority to leadership, much less to send them to a Ritter seminar.

We have to hope that the anti-war movement soon develops a few leaders, or that current leaders grow some moral fortitude of their own. In the meantime can we do anything better than create a climate to foster ethical leadership?

To criticize the anti-war movement for not adopting the fighting strategies of its opponents is like criticizing Democrats for not raising money like Republicans. Where are the Democrats going to find greedy corporate felons who want to invest in social reform? Why should anti-war activists seek to dupe the American public about reasons to oppose war?

I say: stay the course, follow whatever inventive strategy will catch the public’s interest, appeal to your neighbor’s shared sense of humanity. Be it a pet project or an ego trip, do not shy from it, do it. Don’t let nay-sayers tell you that an expert will do a better job. Stopping war has always been an expertise unique to common, moral men.