Lee Greenwood’s bloody anthem

Trouble bringing giant Old Glory downI heard the Lee Greenwood anthem today for the last God-damn time.
“And I’ll proudly stand up, next to you,
and defend her still today.
‘Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land.
God bless the USA.”

I’ll put this out to everybody singing along, with a special mention to the war bloggers who have been littering cyberspace with falsehood and cannot own up to it upon being exposed, unnotably Michelle Malkin, Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit, John Hinderaker at Powerline, Dan Curry at Reverse Spin, Bob Owens at Confederate Yankee, Rick Moran at Rightwing Nuthouse, Dan Reihl at ReihlWorldView, Charles at Little Green Footballs, Curt at Flopping Aces, and SeeDubya at Junkyard Blog.

So STAND the fuck UP you jingoist motherfuckers! Get your big dumb asses up NEXT TO our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan and defend this land against the civilians trying to living there. Go kill poor people there to defend our freedom here. Then you can sing this damn anthem. Otherwise shut up. Your bellicosity is distracting you from noticing that we are not singing with you. Scary thought probably, the rest of us are not as dumb-as-fuck ignorant as you.

4 thoughts on “Lee Greenwood’s bloody anthem

  1. I like the yellow ribbon song myself.
    of course, I also have had to deal with rednecks my entire life.
    Sometimes have to break bread with them.
    But I suppose we have to keep trying.
    Plus through the miracle of traceroute, and that we have our own websites, and a little known program called site statistics, we can get the IP addresses (and therefore the proper names, physical addresses, and even phone numbers) of every right wing freak who looks at the pages…. even if they don’t flame us in our own blogs.
    Of course, they know where you are usually, and the same about me, because we are more activist and have our pictures took a bit more often.

    But think of the possibilities… what would the information be worth, to have the physical location of every pseudo-patriotic lunatic in America?
    I dunno, maybe its just from surfing a caffeine buzz at 4 in the morning.

  2. This reminds me of something the Chimp said a couple of weeks ago about Stay The Course, he said “If the only ones left who back me up were my wife and my dog, we are going to stay in Iraq.”

    setting aside that he had been saying all along that there would not be a permanent occupation in Iraq, or Afghanistan.

    I thought it was mighty white of him to volunteer to go and stay in Iraq. Shoot, that way we wouldn’t have to see his ugly funky-monkey goat smellin’ ass around here.

    Of course, I noticed he used the possessive term for Laura. Even though she strives to play the perfect June Cleaver suburban 1950s housewife I think she is going to go berserk on him when he pulls that “an’ this here’s the dawg, and that thar is the little woman” routine once too often.

    If she is stupid enough to stay in Iraq with him, OK, that will double the available Coalition troops left over there instantly.

    But why does he have to bring his dawg into that mess with them?

    Oh yeah and my favorite June Cleaver line “Ward, don’t you think you were a little hard on the Beaver last night?”

    bet it’s your favorite too….

    one last note, Mr and Mrs Bush, when y’all fly over there to Eye-rack, could y’all send our airplane back? Y’all won’t be needin’ it nohows, an’ we did pay for it”

  3. What’s so sickening about this song, is that there is no reason to be PROUD of America in regards to its foreign policies. But we get a dumb mother fucking, overly macho Mr Tough Guy, corporate promoted IMBECILE telling us otherwise over the radio stations day in and day out. And on TV, etc.

    We once had Merle Haggard doing that in another era, but today Merle has gotten much better in both his music, and in his politics. I think that he pretty much regrets that he once served as corporate America’s, warmongering macho patriotic clown like Greenwood is now doing.

    I am convinced that the best antiwar street vigil would be with a banner that just would say…AREN’T YOU ASHAMED TO BE AN AMERICAN THESE DAYS? …. Now that would get attention and discussion going with all those pseudo patriotic a-holes our country is so aflood with. At best most of them have chestnuts for brains, and when they get out of their cars and trucks with their veins popping, they can’t articulate a coherent sentence about anything. So much for their ‘pride’ then. They need corporate authority backing up their own imbecility or they fold up, and their colors do run.

  4. My answer to “these colors don’t run, never have, never will” aside from noting that the flag printing on most of sunfades after a couple of weeks… Is to yell out “Twice in less than a year at Manassas Junction Virginia”

    We learned that one in the 7th grade because Texas History is permanently on the curriculum for 7th graders. And since the governor has very few powers, but one very important one is he decides what the curriculum is and which school textbooks get bought, a huge portion of the standard Texas history books is about Confederate history.

    As for being proud to be an American, most of the people who say that were born here, thus didn’t do one damned thing to get to be American.
    The people who risk their lives immigrating from foreign lands to here, where the official reaction is that they are criminals, and where they live in fear of being deported, imprisoned or even lynched by “patriots” like Mr Greenwood. and struggle to become Americans, they are the true citizens.
    They have the right to be proud of being American because they risked everything and gave up everything they previously had, just to be Americans.

    This I dedicate to mi Tia Lupe, (honorary aunt) who for more than 20 years crossed the river every day to clean houses and babysit and cook so her kids could have a life, and got her citizenship by marriage in the mid 80s finally. Te amo, Tia Lupe. Ten Orgullo. Por eso meritas.
    which means love you aunt lupe. be proud. you earned it.

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