Peak Oil and America’s economic unsustainablity

Half or more of the Republican group of voters may disbelieve in major tenets of current scientific theory such as evolution, the warming of the global climate, or even that the earth is older than what the Bible states it as being, but there is one element of scientific reality that Republican leadership is certainly making its plans around, while Democrat leadership is completely lacking. That is the scientific reality that world oil and natural gas supplies have become depleted by overmining these natural resources in the recent past until the very present.

We may not like the road the Republican Party is taking us in trying to deal with this scientific reality of energy resource depletion, but it is still true that the last 6 years of the Bush presidency have greatly advanced the public in beginning its realization that reaching resource peaks will produce real crisis. Not only for Americans, but the entire world population. And also for the energy companies themselves, as public anger is certain to rise in a volatile manner, and is certain to eventually be directed at the energy companies themselves.

Right now, we have both major US capitalist political parties pretending that our new permanent war to secure energy supplies is not in fact just that, but rather is a war to protect the ‘homeland’ from a shadow-like, political rif-raf, which they call terrorism. And neither party has any strategy what-so-ever to conserve energy resources, nor to change our structure of economic activity into more rational alternatives. The big business profit making must go on for these two, even if the world doesn’t, it seems.

So what we are left with is that the Republican big wigs advocate continual warfare to corner world energy resources, while the Democrat Party advocates basically nothing to ward off the impending economic/ecological collapse! And all the liberal voters basically propose nothing more than voting for this do-nothing political party, the Democrats, even as they sometimes point out the need to take ecology into account somehow within a capitalist framework. But can that really even be done? The entire historical foundation of capitalism is the overuse of natural resources. It’s like asking a zebra to change its stripes and behave like a kangeroo.

All of America has been convinced by the business community that socailism cannot work, precisely at the moment when it is evident that capitalism cannot work without destroying the ecologic basis of all life on our planet. So we have a population totally unprepared and stupidly looking around, desperately for some impossible new technological fix to bail capitalism out of its impossible dilemma.

Here is an article in Money Week on Peak Oil that would not have been published even a couple of years ago. It even discusses the various transition periods we will traverse as we enter into increasing energy scarcity. Yes, the Republican Party types are out in front in acknowledging valid scientific theory on this issue. Why we must take Peak Oil seriously

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