Mexico’s ‘New Orleans’ style flood disaster

Almost an entire Mexican state is underwater now. So where is the relief aid? Not helping out the people In the Murky Floodwaters of Tabasco it seems. The US militarization of Mexico is a disaster for that country, same as it has been for Colombia. Tabasco may well become Mexico’s ‘New Orleans’. Photos

2 thoughts on “Mexico’s ‘New Orleans’ style flood disaster

  1. The situation in Tabasco is just like what happened in Mississippi and New Orleans. The major city hit, Villahermosa, is a little smaller than New Orleans, but the same thing happened in Villahermosa that happened in New Orleans. The man-made barriers to massive flooding were compromised by lack of adequate maintenance caused by political incompetence and corruption.

    And just like what happened to New Orleans, the news of the event is being heavily censured and covered up. There are around 1,000,000 people in the state of Tabasco left homeless now, and they are further threatened by the possibilities of much worse to come, primarily due to governmental incompetence..

    This flooding in Tabasco and the sorry response by the federal government of Mexico, may well become a much bigger scandal in that country than the US government corruption, incompetence and stupidity seen when the Katrina hurricane happened in the US has become? Time will tell…

    Meanwhile little has been coming out in the US national media about the lousy governmental response to the fires of Southern California. That may change soon? How long can the national media hide the fact that unregulated development and local government complicity with it played a huge role in the way that devastation can happen when the winds turn a certain way in So Cal?

    Here are some more photos of the disaster and a news report about the mass exodus as hundreds of thousands flee Tabasco for other parts of the country.

  2. Catholic Relief Services has committed $1 million to emergency relief in Mexico. We are working with Caritas Mexicana and Caritas Tabasco to provide food, water, shelter and emergency supplies to the people displaced by the flooding. For more info, go to

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