US Homeland Security exports Orwell to Mexico

It was just a matter of time. The US State Department has awarded a contract to a US spyware company to set up intercepts of telephone calls, emails, and other information system communications in Mexico.

In Mexico, the government is calling this part of the ‘War on Drugs’. Here, with our more updated propaganda system in place, it is being called a contract to help stop TERRORISM! Who could ever be against such nice goals? Don’t you feel protected? I bet you do!

This is the same company and same system given by the US Government to their friends in Colombia, the Colombian oligarch government and their allied death squads. With the ‘War on Terror’ in fool gear, the US Government and its private contractors will be exporting Orwell everywhere! Be sure to check out the contracted company, VERINT, and its brochures.

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1 Response to US Homeland Security exports Orwell to Mexico

  1. Avatar Jonah says:

    They’ve been crowing since 1990 that they have the ability to tap any phone or e-communication in the Arabian Peninsula,

    Especially Iraq. Which is a nation where the now substantially less than 20 million citizens live mostly in three cities.

    And the nation itself is smaller in land size than Oklahoma.

    And they have had the U.S. government camped out there for 4 years, but but but… the Iraqi insurgents, whom the Army describes as so “unsophisticated” that they have to buy glorified Pipe Bombs from Iran, regularly skunk the Very Modern and Sophisticated Army With Its Shock and Awe Technology….

    Regularly, and often.

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