A film directed by Brian De Palma about the US military in action and based on a real event is drawing the fire of the American Right Wing. They say it maligns ‘the troops’ and want to try to limit the distribution and showing of the film. They call it treasonous. Aren’t you just totally sick of these whiny bastards like O’Realy trying to censor others while running off their own loud mouths all the time?

Here is what De Palma himself has commented about his film…

“the right wing is gonna come at this film. I mean, I’ve done something that is, it just can’t be done. You can’t ever say anything critical of the troops.”

He argues that the film provides a realistic portrait of U.S. troops and how “the presentation of our troops has been whitewashed” by mainstream media. He expects that its graphic images will stir public debate about the conduct of American soldiers.

The film is called Redacted and it needs to be seen in Colorado. Wonder if any local theater will have the decency and courage to let it be shown? Let’s hope so. Film Trailer