Homeland Security Dept’s new puke ray

The LIGHT EMITTING DIODE INTERRUPTOR can double as a flashlight
All sorts of new toys for the police to torture and abuse people with are now coming into use to supplement the taser. The puke ray is perhaps going to be too messy and not torturous enough for our delicate and fastidious ‘peace officers’ to prefer though.

The video didn’t really mention this, but the weapon is designed to make victims throw up all over themselves while wretching from the vertigo induced by the police’s puke ray.

But perhaps donut eating cops can hit their targets better with this device than they can with mere pepper spray? And there is still the old fashioned police dogs to abuse people with.

And maybe they’ll soon bring back the rack, impalement, and crucifixion soon? Not to mention waterboarding… None of this is ‘torture’ though when it’s used on others, and not used on those who make it legal. It is merely ‘uncomfortable’.

Oh! They have brought back waterboarding already. Never mind. My lobotomy.

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