Saddam Hussein’s last words

No news outlet made a fuss about them on our side of the Atlantic. Saddam’s last words. On Palestine.

Robert Fisk asserts that Saddam Hussein took many secrets to his grave, especially about American and British complicity in the very crimes for which he was tried. Fisk’s article discusses the intelligence he received from Washington, the chemical weapons he received from the UK and the financing he received from both. He recounts how Saddam attacked Iran at our urging, and how reports of his use of chemical weapons were noted and accepted here.

Saddam’s first interrogation and subsequent trial were both marked by media and military censoreship. Saddam had plenty to tell us, but was not allowed a forum. Now at least his last words were recorded. From the deposed leader of Iraq, here is what he said:

God is Great.
Palestine is for the Arabs.
The nation will be victorious.

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