She’s a real doll

Realdolls come ready to step out of their steamer trunk
Over the weekend I saw Lars and the Real Girl, a strange but funny movie about a mentally-ill introvert who, much to his concerned family’s delight, finds a “girlfriend” on the internet. The girlfriend, Bianca, it turns out, is actually a Real Doll, a life-sized anatomically correct silicone woman, created by Abyss Creations in California and sold for upwards of $10,000. The entire community sweetly honors the “relationship” while Lars works through deep psychological issues resulting from his mother’s death at his birth.

The brilliance of the movie is that it causes us to gain an uneasy acceptance of something that would otherwise seem perverse and completely laughable. Yet Lars is not, by any stretch, a normal guy, so our acceptance is tenuous. What type of real man is satisfied substituting a silicone representation of a woman for an actual relationship? Abyss Creations has sold thousands of Real Dolls and have an order backlog even as we speak. So who is purchasing these things? Maybe the same man who leaves his wife sleeping upstairs while spending hours looking at internet pornography? The guy who can’t handle the complexities of a real relationship with a flesh and blood female?

At the core, Real Dolls and pornography appeal to the same man. Both give the illusion of love–a travesty of love–created for poorly mothered or often-rejected men. For once these men have control over the omnipotent feminine. The unattainable girl. The instrument of rejection. That intense and infantile vulnerability to the female is turned on its head. The female is now submissive, expendable, interchangeable. Performing for you! Wanting only you! Loving only you!

Ryan Gosling, who plays Lars in the movie, is quite charitable in his assessment of the men who own Real Dolls. “There’s a whole culture of guys out there who have these dolls, and they have very intimate relationships with them. Part of it is sexual, but a lot of it is emotional. One guy goes hang gliding, and he takes his doll to watch, so that he has someone to support him in the things that he likes to do. Some guys cook with them and have dinners; they’re part of the fabric of their life. So, all of this is possible. … I think it’s a romantic idea, that love’s not a transaction. It’s something you have to give, and you give it freely to whoever and whatever you want.”

Okay, I can’t disagree. It’s plenty romantic. Objectification of women is the epitome of romance. In fact, it’s the definition of romance…an artistic work that deals with sexual love, especially in an idealized form…an idealized form like a silicone doll or a stylized airbrushed photograph.

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8 Responses to She’s a real doll

  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    And for you Ladies out there, Charlie is also available for the low, low price of $6500. Wallet not included.

  2. Avatar Tomek says:

    Cena jest zbyt wygórowana. Przeci?tnego obywatela “nowej cz??ci” UE na taki luksus i tak nie b?dzie sta?.

  3. Avatar Tom says:

    I recently saw Lars and the Real Girl and thought it was a very good movie. I didn’t think they developed the romance with the girl at his office properly, but I still liked the movie. I admit the only reason I rented it is because I had recently become fascinated with the idea of owning a Real Doll or a Candy Girl (from Japan). Still, I think my girlfriend would kill me if I got one and, I’ll leave it at that: Just a harmless fantasy. However, I see no harm in owning one for whatever reason one might want to have one. At the same time, I think a man should try healthy interactions with ladies of all types so that when the right one DOES come along, they’re ready!

  4. Avatar Marcus says:

    Surely you realize that there are men out there who will never have a chance at romance with a real woman? They are ugly, or poor, or nearing death, or who knows what other reasons… I’m sure that they would happily accept a relationship with a real woman over a RealDoll if it was possible, but in this life it is frequently not possible. Have a little tolerance please. You’ve probably rejected one of these men yourself.

  5. Avatar jonah says:

    Dude, there are plenty of Really well, the term “ugly” isn’t enough, FUGLY dudes in the world, some of them who are broker than broke, have about half their quota of teeth teeth, a quarter of their quota of personality, seldom bathe and STILL not only “have” a woman but also apparently father children. Lots of them.

    Not to say that all these relationships are “healthy” but that’s a level of Degree to begin with.

    My uncle Harry for instance.

    Couldn’t keep any job at which he actually had to, you know, work or anything like that. Drinks like a fish and smokes like a chimney, got my aunt to go to work to support HIM, Toward the end of their marriage he took the last Ten Bucks from HER stash of cash, bought a fifth of Vodka and a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken… And Ate it in front of their Seven Kids.

    My cousin Harriet (yeah, real original, for the longest time didn’t have a Junior so he makes his daughter Harry “ette”) committed the ultimate sin of eating one of the biscuits that came with The Bucket.

    So he beat her.

    Joined the Mormon Church simply because they have a church welfare program.

    This is one of those things that make you say “HUH?!?” but he had at least two outside concubines.

    By all rights this guy should never have gotten ONE woman to risk bearing his children but he was playing THREE of them at the same time.

    There’s a fellow who SHOULD have stuck to playing with dolls.

    Just not the $10,000 models.

    He’s the type who wouldn’t clean them up afterwards. Then they would not only LOOK dead they would smell like it too.

    And you see it everywhere, man, EVERYWHERE.

  6. Avatar JennoMate says:

    Howard Stern raved it was “The Best SEX I’ve ever had!” Why wouldn’t you want the best sex of your life with your fantasy girl? While it is true most of the JennoMates sell over 6K. Look at the Realdoll website, but if you want to know where to buy them for $2,700? Call Keith at 512.739.5902

  7. Avatar jonah says:

    And your point is?

  8. Avatar jonah says:

    You could also cut a hole in your mattress for free.

    I won’t tell anybody about it if you refrain from telling ME about it.

    Just goes to show ya, with money you can afford to sit around your room playing with dolls…

    Guess that almost makes up for not being able to buy a life.

    Just not enough, though.

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