‘Terrorist plot’ of the day

Oh, there are so many ‘terrorist plots’ these days. Hardly a week goes by without one. As Britain rounds up its Muslim docs, here comes another one, this time in Pakistan. The evil people tried to get our friend, Pervez. It was the ‘terrorist plot’ of the day.

1 thought on “‘Terrorist plot’ of the day

  1. Yep, Tony. “J’Accuse” is the fashion of the day.

    It’s also the title of the classic anti-war film by Abel Gance.

    Is it safe to consider any “anti-war” movies as classics?!? In reading reviews for “J’Accuse” I couldn’t help but notice the common complaint being that the film fails to convince us to stop war or how to – and therefore is NOT a great film. Wow! THAT is a sadly malleable audience confession if I ever heard one.

    I guess it WOULD BE NICE if one thing mattered MORE than sentiment (such as logic) to motivate bringing about an end to killing other humans. We’re “logical” enough to attempt a protected culture, but not logical enough to see beyond the “city” limits?!?

    Well, the “terrorist of the day” story CERTAINLY IS a giant part of the strategem in the news, but that much most of us expected.

    But it doesn’t just end there, does it? How sad.

    Build the fences. The propaganda works.

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