Cheney’s African quail hunt

It’s Bombs Away time once again! America’s favorite dick is out quail hunting in Africa this weekend

Oh My! The terrorists are everywhere and from everywhere! Last week it was Albanians arrested for trying to destroy a fort in New Jersey! This week it is a horrid plot by Guyanese to blow up one of New York City’s airports! And now look who they say they killed in Somalia. Foreign fighters from Britain, Pakistan, and Sweden were among those killed so says the Pentagon, and they were all taken out by Cheney’s aim during his weekend African quail hunt!

This would all be funny if it were just our imaginations. But it’s not! This is our new lives. Next week they will find Muslim Martians trying to poison our water supply, so President Bush should call in our Colorado Springs own once again so that Dr. James Dobson can help get the word out to patriots about this threat to our international security.

Call in the clowns and they will invoke and invent a clown-like threat to us all, it seems. I must be sure not to joke about any of this at the airport when my family flies out this week to visit relatives. Oh my God! Our last name is almost identical to the devil from Guyana trying to blow up the New York airport! And he’s still ‘at large’! I might just become part of this week’s comic plot episode even.

Stay tuned…. Terrorists are amongst us.

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