The pastor who moved from California to Denver

OK, everybody is tired of picking on Ted Haggard now. Even the ludicrous announcement that he has been cured of his habit of sucking on male penises after three weeks of counseling hasn’t lit up the slightest interest.

As long as President Bush doesn’t have Ted doing it for him in the Oval Office no one seems to care. Especially not the ‘Moral Majority’. It’s as passe` as talking about J. Edgar Hoover’s wardrobe for them. However, what about this guy, Pastor Randall? Why did he move to Denver instead of Colorado Springs, we’ll never know?

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2 Responses to The pastor who moved from California to Denver

  1. Avatar jonah says:

    Male penises? you mean there’s some other kind?

    OK me stop making mit der cracking wise…

    But a thieving pastor isn’t news.

    I mean, in an ideal Religion it might make news that people are making money off the work of God but we are talking about a church here….

    What gets me is, where were the Deacons?

    In a ‘real’ fundamentalist church, the Deacons take care of church finances. It’s their ministry and their job. The evangelists preach, the pastors lead the congregations, the deacons have to distribute the money and keep the church going.

    Also as the church is supposed to be organized, there is more than one deacon, usually 3 or 4, so one guy can’t make out like a …well.. a thief..

  2. Avatar tony logan says:

    Yeah, I deliberately put that male penis thing in there so as to distinguish it from the female penis. We got to be clear about some things these days. lol……..

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