The rally tomorrow

I have been looking at the 3,760 known names (as of last february) of Iraqis killed in the Occupation.

Some of the ages cited include 5, 11, 2 and a couple “baby”.

The list includes contractors and police as well.

Some of the bodies were only identified as “son of” or “brother of”.

I want to play the Flowers o’ the Forest while these names, and the names of Coalition soldiers and “civilian” contractors, are being read.

Really I need somebody who can speak clearly (much the same way I don’t) to do the reading.

And to emphasize that some of these were killed by other Iraqis, some anti-American, some pro-American, and there are at least 9 times as many unidentified bodies as there are identified. Counting the Coalition casualties.

If the names are read in alphabetical order, without prejudice to whether they were Iraqi citizens or Coalition forces, it would emphasize the fact, the only fact, that these are all People, were People I mean, who are now Not People Any More, because of this war.

Show the tragedy of it without citing the blame for it. It’s pretty well known just who is to blame, and the fingers can point to him almost on their own volition.

Altogether there are about 7,000 names known. I have no idea how long it would take. I am pretty sure that i have never played the flute/recorder for that long at a time before.

There’s not much I as an individual can do, but damn it all, I want to do it. Whether or not it actually makes a difference. (Although it probably will)

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