There is no new medical advance against AIDS

The for-profit medical system is always full of self praising propaganda that the media machine feeds to the public at large. See! Profits are being made and great advances in medicine are being made, is their constant refrain. It’s just not true though, and AIDS is just one of many diseases that continue to expand their world scope, just as Cancer does. Did you think that these diseases were being conquered?

Under the influence of the pharmaceutical profit makers, the world continues to throw barrels of pills at the problem, and to do little else to stop the spread of this disease. We are told that this is a successful strategy, too! But here’s the reality, that TB and AIDS have now tied themselves together and all the pill throwing in the world will not help without a world scale public health campaign to guarantee that people live in sanitary conditions, and not in cesspools that breed these 2 diseases together. Can you see how the capitalist system might have a problem in dealing with this problem now?

Cesspool living conditions and capitalism are like America and apple pie. They just come as a package. Some people get rich, and others are forced to live in cesspools, where TB and AIDS can grow into epidemic proportions. I suggest that they make their big barrier immigration walls as high as the sky to keep this stuff from migrating. There is no new medical advance against AIDS, just the same old failed strategies that have given fuel to the epidemic. There is a better way.

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