US terrorist attack in Somalia attracts little media attention

It is a sign of our times, that not only direct US government advocacy and use of torture on prisoners held by its military attracts little media attention or condemnation, but US government use of direct terrorism doesn’t either. The reason why is quite simple, and is that simply the international media is an integral part of the corporate world and corporate government propaganda system in support for continual militarism and war. Only the BBC seems to even notice this latest act of US terrorism that killed up to 30 people in Somalia. US confirms Somali missile strike

Sure this is terrorism, too. Sending a bomb hundreds of miles across the sky to crash into a civilian neighborhood is just as much a terrorist act as would be walking into a market or transportation hub and setting off a bomb is. What a sad day for Americans, who are largely just sitting by watching as their government engages in these crimes and doing absolutely nothing about it. We are disgraced by such citizen inaction. We are a disgrace as a nation of dimwits.

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15 Responses to US terrorist attack in Somalia attracts little media attention

  1. Avatar Major George Hutton says:

    Yo Tony,
    First just goes to show you what a good shot the US military is. Second. don’t you know we killed a bad guy. Is than not just wonderful! Makes you feel good to be an American. Knew you would agree.

  2. Avatar tony logan says:

    What a smart alex thug you are, George. ‘I knew that you would agree.’

  3. Avatar denk says:

    anyone who wonder why do they hate us can look no further than our major here, lol.

  4. Avatar Lane says:

    I agree – it’s no wonder people around the world hate the US. when people like this spew this kind of rhetoric. Don’t look now (if your the typical American) but yet another arm of the US military industrial complex is planning to commit acts of terrorism.

    Go to this article
    to read about the Bush administrations latest capers.

  5. Avatar Major George Hutton says:

    Yo guys,
    Can we not be civil? Tony – thug? Ever look the word up? Surely even you can believe that. You have met me. How have I ever insulted you? Other than disagree with your commie view in a respectful manner.

    Denk, what can I say. I speak the way I feel and have lived with over 15 years overseas. Have we met, don’t think so. So why hold me as an example of hate? Can we not discuss things here without being rude and disrespectful? I was given a medal because of the many hours I gave to a blind mental retarded group home – cooked rick & fed by my hand to guys who could not even see & were mental retarded. Shame on you. Sure you have never served in any military position or even been overseas or helped those less than you. You really have no right to talk that way to me other than to show your low class trash self.

    Denk, come discuss with me “why they have us” if you can. May be you really have no view other than sillyness. That I can understand. Your loss – not mine.

  6. Avatar tony logan says:

    It’s easy to call you a thug, George, because that’s just what you are. You lack any sincerity, which is exactly the trademark of all thugs who believe with certainty that they have the right to get away with anything and everything, legal or otherwise. It has nothing to do with the conservative views that you use to bait people with either.

    To put it to you bluntly, you conduct yourself precisely as many an Antiwar Movement police infiltrator has done in the past, and continue to do to this day. You seem to play precisely the role of being a police monitor of people, whose job is to spy, disrupt, and intimidate us who are activists.

    Do you work for a government agency, George, when you come to Peace events that advocate against the current war? I don’t think you can give us a satisfactory answer without perjuring yourself. You are coming to these meetings and events to monitor and spy on people, as well as to intimidate the more timid of us. That’s what makes you a thug, George.

    Have I made myself clear enough, Major? Why don’t you answer the question I give put to you here? Are you on the clock still, George? You are more than just a private citizen, aren’t you?

  7. Avatar tony logan says:

    Here you are spamming the site, George, but 5 posts of yours later, you still haven’t answered the question I asked of you here? Come on, George! Inquiring minds want to hear your answer?

  8. yo, Major.

    It sure does make me feel really secure that people like you are willing to excuse any acts of terrorism by your Army.

    Whatcha reckon, Major, there’s supposed to be Commies living here on the WestSide, should a missile be directed our way? Maybe take out King Soopers on a Sunday afternoon, eh?

    Kind of goes back to “Due Process”

    Strikes me, you know, the “bad guy” wasn’t any worse than you or your chickenshit president.

    knew you’d agree.

  9. Avatar denk says:

    **Sure this is terrorism, too. Sending a bomb hundreds of miles across the sky to crash into a civilian neighborhood is just as much a terrorist act as would be walking into a market or transportation hub and setting off a bomb is. **

    Yo Tony,
    First just goes to show you what a good shot the US military is. **

    you just show yourself to be the ugly amerikkan personified.

    may be you are just ignorant of what uncle sham is doing all over the world in your name, then u ought to educate yourself more., instead of spending your time “googling” ccp. !!

  10. Avatar Major George Hutton says:

    Yo gang of 3,
    Set the record for you Tony. Am not, never been or will be a “antiwar movement police infitrator”. Not a police officer of any sort, city, county, state or federal. Just a retired army combat officer who seeks to discuss different view with the peace folks in a civil, decent, respectful manner. You, I understand a comminist like you Tony. But I go to the PPJPC to meet with peace folks who will be willing to give me their views and hear mine. So that maybe peace can happen in time. Your comminist view is closed one Tony, you spout all the 1950’s line & terms, yet refuse to see today. red russia is gone, red cuba is a-changing and so is red chine. comminist is just one more dead/dieing system to exploit the people for the party’s good – never the people good.

    I an’t no cop, Tony. Clear ’nuff for you? Sorry but I mean not to intimidate anyone, just hear what the peace folk have to say & why. Simple as that. And at the same time give me view when asked. So please Tony, do not let me intimidate you, come to the meetings & give your commie view, I know what the peace folk say about that too.

    Yo BJ,
    Very happy to know that people like me make you feel secure. Good, that is why I served our nation for 27 years. Thanks for letting me know it was well served. Sadly, I am sure there are commies in CS. We Americans have the right thanks to the military folk, to believe in any system. That is just another reason, BJ, why we serve. It is sad folks do not think and see, vote ’cause it is a woman & I am a woman so I vote woman or black vote for black. What should be done is check out the persons view & educate youself – then vote for the person who will do the people best. Simple as that, BJ. Of course please you ALL keep in mind I am JUST a old soldier – retired – seeking enlightment. Simple. “Due process” BJ. Some time direct action is the only due process one gets. Catch a rapeist – shoot him/her & that is all the due process necessary. Sorry if you can’t see the difference between me & the bad guy. Hopefully, we can keep up the discussion in a civil respectful way, BJ.

    Yo Denk,
    Set a bomb off in a market full of civilians – whom are your target and sending a missle to a bad guys location – for me is very different, Denk. Sorry you can not see the difference. One targets women – children -anyone and the other targets bad guys. Seems easy for me to see the difference. As for ugly American, well got me on the first part, Denk, I am not pretty, & yep American I am best of all I am from Texas, so best of the best.

    Ignorant? Possible yes, I am sure that there is a lot our government does wrong but that is due to humans, not the system. Poor misguided sometime wrong is still the best system yet. Hopefully you, I, BJ and Tony can work together to find a better system. Me, I am willing and Denk, am trying to educate my self with discussions with you ALL. Unless you fear your truth when open to the light is not all you say it is by discussion with me. One wonders.

  11. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    It is not your conservative views that are suspect, George. That you are welcome to if it’s what you believe? But how does that explain the total insincerity that you constantly exhibit?

    In short, you act like a saboteur and not somebody who merely is engaged in a political polemic with people they disagree with. You gloat over violence and harm to others, too. In short, your behavior is not that of a sincere conservative, but of a paid and cynical operative thug.

    Nobody is out to ride you off from expressing conservative viewpoints, but the rest of your shtick is not something that groups of people operating in a lawful and peaceful manner should need to tolerate. We get tired of discussing how your conduct appears to us, instead of discussing issues with a sincere conservative. If you continue to act in a thuggish and insincere manner that gloats over violence to others, then you should not be surprised if tolerance runs out for putting up with you.

  12. As I understand what the Army is boasting about is they took out an neighborhood to get one guy.

    Who they might not even have gotten, they do LIE frequently.

    Oh, excusez-moi, that’s supposed to be “provide disinformation”.

    Of course, I can see how being an “enforcer” for a gang of thugs who think carpet bombing is just dandy, spreading the propaganda that somehow infringing on privacy, limiting the RIGHT to travel, kidnapping people and Torturing them in such wonderful Military concentration camps as Guantanamo and Khandahar and Abu Ghraib could be seen as actually protecting “freedom”… if one is either stupid, or lying.

    Say, Major, you know a little bit about Biological Warfare, right? Maybe you’re the person who sent the Anthrax bacteria to the Senate office building, but only to Senators who OPPOSED the conquest ooopsie I mean “Liberation” of Iraq…

    after all, the Anthrax sent was from a U.S. Army stash, and the person who sent it, never caught, was somebody whose native language is American English.

    Since you do your level best to defend acts of Terrorism, I’m willing to bet you’re one of those freaks who get sexual pleasure from the pain of others.

    Do you masturbate to pictures of dead people? Get to watch the torture videos and jack each other off? Maybe you and Corporal England had a little thing going…

    You never fought for my freedom or anybody elses.

    You fought for a dictatorship in South VietNam which was every bit as repressive as the dictatorship in North VietNam.

    Freedom to elect a representative government, right? Unless the United States government and it’s puppet dictators in the ARVN decide otherwise, then that president is removed in a coup backed by American firepower.

    Why exactly do you expect us to believe that the elections in Afghanistan and Iraq were free? Your president says they were, but then, he also says he won in 2000.

    And of course, the American soldiers standing around the polling stations in Iraq, and Afghanistan, they were there just to make sure that nobody accidentally voted for somebody the Americans told them they were forbidden to vote for.

    How is fordidding them to vote for certain people any different from telling them exactly who they must vote for? A “fair” election where the Conquering Empire chooses the candidates?

    You either have a very limited concept of freedom or you’re simply lying.

    You fought for bitches like GW Bush. Not for America or American freedom.

    Today is the anniversary of the Army machine gunning Americans at Kent State.

    Military “justice” hasn’t changed a bit since your Army had Crazy Horse shackled hand and foot, being escorted by 3 cavalry THUGS, who bayoneted him in the kidney … while he was chained and unable to resist. In other words they stabbed him in the back.

    Your THUG heroes are doing much the same thing at your torture centers, and not just the ones offshore, your THUG heroes do that at the CJC, at the Dallas County Jail, every prison in America for that matter.

    True, they usually don’t go so far as to kill their victims, USUALLY

    You can extol the virtue of your police and your Terrorist Campaign at home and abroad all you want, but you won’t be able to convince people who actually know better, Major.

    Give that “the Policeman is your friend” and its twisted sick twin sister “The Army fights for your freedom” to kindergartners, maybe Cub Scouts or somebody else who hasn’t learned better already.

  13. Avatar denk says:

    there’s no if or but about this, its state terrorism
    right from the horse mouth

  14. Avatar tony logan says:

    Can you believe it, not only are the Democratic Party- glued liberals not calling this terrorism, but they are not even reporting on it! I have yet to see the CommonDreams site even mention this act of US government terrorism in Mogadishu, let alone label it for what it was. They have yet to comment on Eldorado, either!

    Instead, CommonDreams is glued to observing the DP primaries in microscopic detail. They might better observe what just happened to the British Labor Party that became infected with a British version of Clinton-Obama flu. It sunk like the Titanic in the elections just held in that country. All the Democratic Party-glued liberals are capable of is doing something similar here at home. Yes, McCain can win when you tie yourselves down like the CommonDreams liberals are doing.

  15. Avatar Major George Hutton says:

    Yo Tony,
    Read your May 3 935 comment then look at BJ comment below. Wow! And you get on to me? BJ = Brother = nope, mother be more like it. Where is your mind BJ? Be careful or Tony will censor you (sure & Pigs fly). When you are really ready to discuss BJ do first clean up you words & try to be decent. You are blowing your Brother cover.

    Yep read CommonDreams liberals are on to it.

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