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Who are these Fort Carson soldiers? The really ugly side of many of the US troops stationed in Colorado Springs…

The following letter appeared today online in what is really most often the daily Colorado Springs local military propaganda sheet called The Gazette. We reprint it here because it underlines the rather common type of thugs that the Pentagon has stationed in our city out at Fort Carson, and quite often turned into major league thugs as they were used by the Pentagon to occuppy foreign countries with. SORRY, but we cannot attribute their behaviors as merely being due to PTSD, which many of them try to hide their personal AND GROUP misbehaviors behind. Here following is the letter from former Gazette reporter, David Philipps…

Ugly side of our troops; Who are the men? and more

March 30, 2012

Ugly side of our troops

Has Fort Carson and the 4th Infantry Division learned to take soldier violence seriously? It doesn’t look like it.

I thought the dozen soldiers arrested for murder and attempted murder between 2006 and 2008 had taught the command that repeated deployments can unleash an ugly side of our troops and warning signs cannot be ignored.

The Gazette and I documented a particularly vigilant spate of violence ingrained in the 2nd Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment, which at one point had a murder rate more than 100 times greater than Colorado Springs.

Fort Carson began to take meaningful steps in 2009 to end the violence, but under changing leadership, these programs have been put on back burners. Any lessons learned seemed to have been forgotten. Now four soldiers have been arrested for murder in the past two weeks.

At least two of them are from the troubled 2-12. Their crimes, including gun smuggling and random shootings, are eerily similar to past battalion practices I detailed in my 2010 book “Lethal Warriors.”

Are they a sign of more to come, or is Fort Carson going to finally take a serious look at what is going on?

Dave Philipps
Colorado Springs

We at the Not My Tribe blog in no way wish to imply that all US troops are criminals, but unfortunately quite a few of them are. The constant hero worship of vets, soldiers, and all that is military by our country’s huge Right Wing is leading to a growing atmosphere of impunity within the military both here in Colorado Springs and also across the nation as a whole. It’s time to take a more realistic look at our country’s military and stop treating the soldiers all as if they are constant heroes, when in fact they most definitely are not.

Pentagon Airlines carries both cocaine and renditioned prisoners

Cocaine planeThis scandal is being kept pretty much out of the US news. What we are referring to is the Mexico drug plane used for US ‘rendition’ flights: report It really shows the low moral character of the US government torturers. The torturers are connected with cocaine pushing too, though is that really so surprising?

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Shades of Colombia where the US puppet government is connected with the cocaine crowd, too. And brings back memories of Colonel Ollie North in Central America. There is a long history of Pentagon connections with pushers.


This is the chant that many of the McCainites responded with to the antiwar protesters as these militarism nuts lined up like sheep to go see their clown during his campaign visit yesterday in Colorado Springs, That got met by simply leading their chant in front of them,

‘USA, USA, USA…. USA Stop Torture of POWs Now!’

Shut the fools up real quick, it did. Try it. The Right Wing no longer even tries to muster up its previous effort to deny the reality of US torture of POWs. They are just pathetic as they try to call others out as being UnAmerican, though it is they themselves who support using torture on innocent US held prisoners. Just pathetic they are… And shameless, too.