Avatar: novel push for noble savage

Avatar movie poster based on the novel by SapphireI’d like to contrast the high-profile critical receptions being given two Hollywood films about darker-skinned-ness. Precious is about an African-American girl so dark she absorbs the light, without being about race at all. The movie tells a story of poverty, incest and the cycle of abuse, while tipping the scales with gratuitous stereotypes of Hottentot welfare mamas attendant their usual good-for-trouble black males. Vilifying the subjects it pretends to rescue, Precious has the blessing of the media, a shameless Oprah included. James Cameron’s Avatar on the other hand, opened to depth-charges of faint praise calculated to dim the buzz, perhaps because it packs the most subversive black-is-beautiful message since Muhammad Ali.

Avatar evokes rudimentary indigenous spirituality, peppered with what even elementary-schooled audiences can associate as Native American themes, from which we can infer the concepts are eternal, but idealizes an athletic aesthetic more human than the movie’s live-action characters. The “blue cat people,” as the critics have chosen to describe its Na’vi tribe, are but fantasy-striped, tailed Spartans, computer iterations of the Williams sisters and NBA dream teams. The real humans of Avatar tower in prowess, dignity and luminescence over their modern mensch oppressors.

Where racial equality on film is plotted according to how black figures are granted access to the world of white priviledge, Avatar celebrates the sovereignty of dark skin in its environment, where it’s not a barbershop, rapper’s crib, or street corner in Harlem. And instead of prepping the more palatable light-skinned negro for easier assimilation to the welcome-diversity crowd.

Precious: Based on the Novel “Push” by Sapphire, is an ugly project by and for gentrified American, whose title character is White-America’s usual avatar into their mysterious conception of Black America. I can do it no better justice than this review excerpt published Counterpunch:

A fiction whose “policy message is that welfare recipients are black women who wish to avoid work, who use their time having sex with their daughters, watching television and dining on pig leavings.” Is this a film – or a crime?

A crock and defamation that reinforces white man’s supremist burden.

Under Iran’s culturally repressive Islamic Revolution, the artists have produced a golden age of film. The greatest of these films have had to disguise their social message in analogies surrounding the concerns of children. Avatar takes perhaps a similar tack. Behind diversions of fantasy and special effects, is a profound morality tale. Critics can attack James Cameron for his simplistic storytelling, it’s the price to pay to bring the simplest of viewers along. Perhaps the director can release a final cut for cineastes which omits the redundant exposition. I don’t mind that Cameron uses a highlighter for the Cliftnote set. A survey of online comments shows me that some fans applaud themselves for getting Avatar’s message where they are certain their fellow audience members might not.

Most certainly the alarm most critics are raising has to do with the unpatriotic attitude which Avatar takes toward Capitalist imperialism. In GWOT America where we still “Support Our Troops” and still refrain from labeling our military contractors as mercenaries, this film will rub flag wavers the wrong way. I’d hate to be an active duty US soldier, watching Avatar in my uniform, as the audience roots for good to vanquish evil. It will probably be some time before Americans will want to see Iraqi or Afghan freedom fighters depicted as heroes. We’ve yet to see sympathetic accounts for example of the Vietcong holding down the Ho Chi Min Trail, or for that matter, the real Germans or Japanese beyond the Allied propaganda. But by disguising his story in science fiction, James Cameron has rehabilitated the Vandal and Visigoth, from the shadow of the Roman Empire. The shadow of man’s civilizing drive which grows darker the more it is illuminated.

And best of all, Cameron’s pagans are not whites like the typical Anglo Semites of the Christian holy lands. Cameron’s indigenous humans have the beautiful noses, skin and haunches indigenous to the climates which cradled humankind.

Pentagon Liars

cheneyThe American people want to rally around a gang of liars. We have liars in the Bush Administration, liars talking CHANGE, liars in the top levels of almost our entire business sector, and liars above all else in the Pentagon. What is with the American people?

You cannot build a great country always rallying around liars like this. I am not about to single out the military by pointing out that they are liars. They certainly aren’t the only liars around in our country at all. But what are we to make of how they lied about the people they threw into Guantanamo to torture without end? Judge orders release of 5 terror suspects at Gitmo These people didn’t do anything, and the military didn’t give a damn, they just wanted some POWs to torture! Never mind that many if not most of them were in fact civilians. The Pentagon Liars didn’t care!

Of course, the military tends to lie to a lot of people a lot of the time. They like to lie to high school seniors, they like to lie to those they plan to make grunts for the meat grinder. They lie about exposure to toxic elements, they lie about the dangers of forced vaccinations, they lie about radioactive exposure to the lower ranking pawns, they lie about their military bases being GREEN. The Pentagon Liars lie just about everything. They lied about Gulf War Syndrome’ all to keep from accepting blame for the harm the military does.

The military doesn’t build character, it destroys it. It makes of us all a giant nation of liars. Our entire sense of national worth has been transformed by these Pentagon Liars into one based on fire power and the lies that are always made to use it on others. We have had the US turned into a giant lie, all by the Pentagon Liars and the government liars that are their supreme commanders. We no longer run the government, the government runs us, and the supreme lie of them all is that we are some how a functioning democracy. This is what Pentagon Liars are all about… their LIES to keep others marching to keep others in place.

One of the most pathetic lies by men permeated, inbedded by their support for the Pentagon Liars is the one that has most of them always blaming all that is bad on something they call BIG GOVERMENT. How ironic that these BIG GOVERNMENT pawns are the ones that seem to often line up most to complain about the dangers of BIG GOVERNMENT??? Like Duh??? You’re part of it, Military People! Support Our Troops bullshit! You’re talking supporting BIG GOVERNMENT and the Pentagon Liars. You’re supporting maintiaining your own sense of special entitlement.

Yes, let those men go. There is no reason to support these Pentagon Liars in their holding men outside of all law and against it, and then destroying them. Shame on you, Pentagon Liars! You’re holding the innocents hostage. Shame on you! You take orders without questioning them and then want to be worshiped as some sort of big heroes for doing such. You want us to lie for you, too!

Pentagon Airlines carries both cocaine and renditioned prisoners

Cocaine planeThis scandal is being kept pretty much out of the US news. What we are referring to is the Mexico drug plane used for US ‘rendition’ flights: report It really shows the low moral character of the US government torturers. The torturers are connected with cocaine pushing too, though is that really so surprising?

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Shades of Colombia where the US puppet government is connected with the cocaine crowd, too. And brings back memories of Colonel Ollie North in Central America. There is a long history of Pentagon connections with pushers.


This is the chant that many of the McCainites responded with to the antiwar protesters as these militarism nuts lined up like sheep to go see their clown during his campaign visit yesterday in Colorado Springs, That got met by simply leading their chant in front of them,

‘USA, USA, USA…. USA Stop Torture of POWs Now!’

Shut the fools up real quick, it did. Try it. The Right Wing no longer even tries to muster up its previous effort to deny the reality of US torture of POWs. They are just pathetic as they try to call others out as being UnAmerican, though it is they themselves who support using torture on innocent US held prisoners. Just pathetic they are… And shameless, too.

Memorial Day jingoism and celebration of death

The 3 largest Colorado papers all had the same headline pictures this Memorial Day. Graduating Air Force Academy Cadets all throwing up their caps into the sky in unison with jet planes flying overhead. Thus we arrive to half time in America’s annual jingoistic display. Second half of this supposed public patriotic display of support for imperialist foreign policies will certainly be the 4th of July.

We are awash in ‘support our troops’ brain wash. Don’t you dare not support them! And not supporting the constant and continual warfare is always construed as not ‘supporting the troops’. Thirty of us met the parade of cars entering into the Air Force Academy base and they penned us dangerous folk in behind chains and concrete barriers. Up on the hill mounted Calvary watched us terrorist Injuns down below. What a sad lot the people entering the base seemed.

It gave me great pleasure to hold a sign demanding that the torture of American held POWs be ended. Just how proud can these graduating cadets actually be, when the employer they will be working for has such a low reputation from routinely torturing people? How about their parents? How proud can they really be?

This Memorial Day’s celebration of death just seemed more gruesome and pathetic than it has ever been. There was something pathetic about it all that seemed etched in the faces of the people in their vehicles as they came in. Next step? Buy some fire works and pretend that one is having a good time. Eat some turkey dogs and drink a little. Red, White, and Blue.

The destruction of Iraq is not a US government policy aberration

Iraq is no mere aberration by the US government. The Democratic Party would have us think otherwise, but just as top Democratic Party officials set the stage for supporting Bush’s invasion and occupation of Iraq, they have also gone along totally with Republican policy in Lebanon, Afghanistan, and Somalia, too.

There the Democrats supported policies of destroying these other countries by illegally fighting wars under false pretenses, and using proxies to do most of the fighting for the Pentagon. Nothing is different from Iraq.

The fighting in Afghanistan threatens to continue to extend itself into Pakistan. The fighting in Lebanon threatens to extend itself into Syria and Iran (especially if Israel has its way). The fighting in Somali, threatens to extend itself into renewed fighting between Ethiopia and Eritrea. Everywhere the Democrats follow along behind the leadership of the Republican Party, large areas of the world start to crumble into deepened anarchy, destruction, and despair.

In Afghanistan, the Pentagon is directing its most cowardly war. There, the Pentagon regularly is dropping bombs into civilian areas from thousands of feet up high. They just don’t seem to care about the ‘collateral’ damage done to innocent people, as long as Pentagon allied casualties are kept as low as possible. We cannot ‘support our troops’ in that country at all, as they have been turned by the Bush Administration into nothing more than a bunch of mass murderers.

In Somalia, the Pentagon send in troops from Ethiopia, and then has taken thousands of new prisoners to torture in hidden jails throughout Africa, all done Abu Ghraib-Guantanamo style. Close to half a million refugees have been sent scurrying out of Mogadishu alone, where most now face starvation and death by disease.

In Lebanon, much of the country still is in ruins, with cluster bombs everywhere in unknown locations for civilians to step on. Will the US give the Green Light again for Israel to start the fighting up once again? Will the US and Israel attack Iran and Syria, too? The failures of the Iraq War to do anything other than destroy are not aberrations of one Republican Administration, but is only one face of the entire fiasco of America’s bipartisan foreign policies. We need to stop all these wars now. Shame on us if we fail to act, and if we The American people don’t act, the carnage will be extended and extended and extended, all in our name. Protest is patriotic now, and sitting on our butts is not.

Nice Cowboy Diplomacy, George… Really Support OUR Troops…

Brit Marines Update… New yet somewhat old twist, the British Marines are alleging coercion in their “confessions” and the Iranians are denying it, but the Iranians are also quietly (or just not as loudly reported as the British story) saying that their diplomats who were seized in Iraq were tortured by the CIA, and the CIA in typical pig fashion is saying “Yeah, that’s what they ALL say…”

Of course the CIA and other pigs in America have lobbied hard to keep torture “legal” for them under the TRAITOR ACT but still denying that torture would actually ever be used…

And of course, according to Guardian,Georgie Porgie offered the overstretched American military up for sacrifice to “take aggressive action” against Iran, like having US Air Force “peace” planes buzz Iranian bases,…

Cowboy “diplomacy” at it’s worst and the British for once stood up to him, told him to basically sod off… but in a nice kind of way.

Apparently he was hoping the Iranians would fire on “his” airplanes piloted by “his” troops (only he uses the Royal/Editorial “We” and “Our”), in order to spark the war “we” want so bad.

Nice job supporting the troops, there, Bushie Boy… get some pilots killed for YOUR purpose, which by a bizarre co-incidence happens to be getting even MORE AMERICANS and of course, Iranians, British, you know, insignificant people who don’t count because they’re people who don’t happen to be George Bush… KILLED.

Clarifying a few terms…

Because some have expressed disdain at the mere thought of being considered right wing apologists… aka people who wish to accommodate and justify right wing philosophy, here are a few things to remember: Catchwords and phrases, talking points, something you might see on a bumper sticker; using these will probably get you tagged as a right wing loon. And in at least some cases the tag would fit perfectly.

examples: Love it or leave it (one recently) The Police are always right, If you have done nothing wrong why would you fear the police?, Support Our Troops, These Colors Never Run.

Recycling myths like: left wing liberals were the reason we lost in Nam… FALSE. Right Wing planners like Westmoreland, Johnson, Nixon, Al Hague, and the “Super Patriots” who supported them, were much more of a coherent and consistent reason for the loss of the VietNam War by the United States. The new crop of such losers is causing America to be drawn into yet another defeat.

Also contributing much to the American loss in VietNam was the courage and resourcefulness of the VietMinh, that’s Charley to some…

For those who don’t remember anything about it, these guys used a mix of primitive and modern technologies, small arms, improvised explosives and equipment taken from American, Australian, French and South Vietnamese soldiers, tactics which were also a mix of ancient and modern, to defeat the above named governments, even against a Shock and Awe campaign of greater magnitude than the one currently being played in Iraq.

Also like Iraq, there was never a war declared between the United States and The Democratic Republic (Hanoi).

Much as it pisses off those who see the POWs as uncompromising heroes, (some were) and the Hanoi Hilton as a hellhole, (it was) it should also be remembered that the Hanoi Hilton is about a standard in third world jails. And since the North Vietnamese didn’t do a “show trial” followed by an execution every time they captured an American airman, the treatment they accorded the Americans was one hell of a lot better than that accorded to the VietCong prisoners by the Saigon government.

a lot of Americans will scream loudly that American soldiers didn’t torture captured Charleys. Given the readiness these same people have shown to rationalize torture at Gitmo and worse places, i tend to doubt that. Probably not widespread but not nonexistent either.

But on the other hand, the Saigon government DID torture and summarily execute captured “terrorists” “rebels” “insurgents”.

Leave us remind everybody that the Americans captured in North VietNam and Cambodia and Laos had exactly the same legal status as the captured Charleys had in the South. No more, no less.

It was a combination of supporting an openly repressive government and the determination and resourcefulness of the “enemy” that dashed the American intervention in SE Asia.

The same things that are now dragging down America in South WEST Asia.

Empires are destined to fall, usually very soon after they are declared to be Empires. Such as the one declared by George Bush Senior when he proclaimed a New World Order, which is being dishonorably carried on by his son, King George the Incredibly Stupid.

Another talking point is that VietNam and Iraq were fought for American freedom.

They were not, nor has any war in which America has been engaged since 1814. To say otherwise is to propagate a myth, if you believe that myth, if you know it is false but say it anyway it is ramped up all the way to a Deliberate Lie.

The military did not fight for our freedom, they did not give us our freedom, or our rights, we do NOT OWE them our obedience, or the willing surrender of our rights.

Especially annoying (not to mention stupid) is the repeated attempt to make us believe that Freedom means we are free to do as we are told, to say only what we are allowed to say, and that we have some moral obligation to support the wars started by people who have anointed themselves our “Leaders”.

Some of my fellow Christians are of the strong delusion that God has commanded us to obey George Bush because he is supposedly “OUR” King.
This particular myth was also used by the Tories to denounce the Continental Congress and the rebels in the army during the Revolution.

It was shouted from pulpits across the Colonies by pastors, who, like Ted Haggard and Benny Hinn and Franklin Graham and Dobson… had sold their priesthood and their souls to a tyrant.

Here’s a quick formula to remember Shock and Awe = the use of fear as a weapon = Terrorism.

The proponents of Shock and Awe, like George and his supporters, are therefore Terrorists.

You don’t like that, try beating it out of me, and all the while try to forget that that too, is Terrorism.

Belligerence leads us to war

By now Americans have learned our government’s routine of starting with belligerence and following with war. Between the start and finish, lies are used to justify our aggression. This time the intended victims are the people of Iran, whose country President Bush’s advisers have been wanting to attack for some time. Our current hesitation seems only to be about finding excuses for starting hostilities, after which bombing will begin and chaos will follow.

Iraq, Lebanon and Afghanistan lie in ruins amidst the ever-increasing strife the US has caused. Everywhere US warfare has generated terrorist acts, refugees fleeing for their lives, and deaths of innocent civilians including those most vulnerable, the children. We at the Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission ask you to mobilize your voices in protest alongside us, not only against the planned “surge,” but against making war on yet another country, yet another people, the people of Iran.

To oppose US belligerence is to support our troops, to support our country, and to support saving our own humanity. PEACE is patriotic. Join the J&P to demand peace NOW. Think of the countless who will die if we are not successful in bringing about peace. Our current government must be stopped from spilling more blood. US national security is at stake. Together we must win.

Join us March 17 in Pioneer Park for a rally for Peace!

These colors do run

Save our soldiers from prosecutionWell looky here…These colors do run… straight to their mommies when they unload their weapons into civilians and for once get caught.
The website is called save the soldiers, sign their petition if you’re inclined. They want people who “support our troops no matter where they are or what their mission is…”

Their poster depicts GI Sebastian being pierced with arrows from the Left, from Murtha, and from the Mainstream [sic] Media. And look at the bull’s eye: “Haditha Propaganda.”

But looky in the news: more evidence of the atrocities committed in Haditha, even worse than had yet been reported, revealed by photos found traded among the soldiers themselves. Of women executed while cowering for mercy. Some of the pictures even set to music on somebody’s Playstation.

All along the soldiers were telling a different tale, crying that they were being falsely accused. The Iraqis meanwhile tried to get their story out, including the testimony of a young girl who survived by playing dead among her dying brothers and sisters. In Haditha twenty four civilians were shot at point-blank in retaliation for a nearby IED.

We’ve learned from returning soldiers that standard US practice after and IED detonation is to shoot every Iraqi within sight. In Haditha there were not enough to kill in the street so the Marines went house to house to execute local families.

We may hope these Marines were just bad apples. But as much as the military is defending these bad apples, it makes me think bad apples are the norm. And as we’ve learned from other episodes, bad-apple-hood is systemic and sanctioned by Rumsfeld himself.

Take a look at the pictures from the Marine training at Parris Island. There’s a mural depicting our enemies against which the soldiers discard their empty beer bottles. The Marine apple basket is likely rotten to the corps. Who’s gonna tell the mommies?

We all know that Bush’s attack on Iran is going to come

We all know that Bush’s attack on Iran is going to come. In fact, the bombing of civilians at night in Pakistan and Afghanistan is just the opening act for the bombing of Iranian civilians that is being planned. It will most certainly also be done at night, too, simply because it lights up the night sky so bright. This imagery will show how tough Bush really is against ‘Arab terrorists’. Not afraid to bomb them babies is he. So don’t tickle us with details, now, y’all hear? ‘Mericans going to pour out another trillion dollars in support of their ignorance after this bad boy bombing comes down. It’ll be the best patriotic American light show since Belgrade!

Has anybody heard any of those cowardly Democratic Party politicians speaking out against the official program? What about them Democratic Party voting peaceniks? Shoot, the Lebanon ‘affair’ just passed them by entirely, didn’t it. Hey, they didn’t even get time to pray on it, and even though they were demonstrating against Iraq at a very few anemic rallies, and were making sweet speeches, too. Well shucks, it was troo complicated to bring up the war-making by Israel that the Democratic Party was supporting. Shut our eyes and it just went away. Few cluster bombs left around, that’s all. Oil slick.

Bush saying that the Democrats got it all wrong! There never was an October Surprise at all. It’s a November Surprise instead! Couldn’t see it could y’all? All the time it was hanging right in front of your eyes, too. You wimps sure are just so lame.

And the Democrats? Gee! You sure pulled one on us, Dubya. Got to hand it to you, you sure are tricky. If we had known it was coming, we would have opposed you. But now that you’re doing something to stop those terrorists, we got to support our troops. We support you, Mr. President, all the way. Let’s get the job done right, and then let’s discuss time tables, giving our troops the equipment they need, and how to more efficiently dispense our government’s militaristic propaganda in the future. Go, team Go!

Is this Iran war going to be a surprise, or what? Going to catch us all off guard. We didn’t know that a constant war would be constant, you know? It’s supposed to go on for an eternity, but we just didn’t forsee. We don’t mind footing the bill. We’re Americans. At least nobody much got hurt. We’re Americans.

A proposed local anti-torture resolution

We, concerned American citizens and residents of the city of Colorado Springs, call upon our city council to issue a proclamation to both the state of Colorado and the federal government, that as citizens of this city, state, and country, we categorically reject the application of any deliberate mental or physical abuse upon any and all prisoners held by our local, state, and national governments. And further that we call upon our national leaders to have all prisoners held by the US military, be treated according to the regulations of the Geneva Conventions regarding the humane treatment of prisoners of war.

We urge the passing of the following resolution by the City Council of Colorado Springs:

We, the citizens of Colorado Springs, categorically reject the current policy of our national government of transferring US held prisoners to other countries, or to US allied armed groups, to have them tortured during interrogation or as punishment. We also reject any policy of deliberate governmental assassination of foreign opponents, whether it be carried out by our own military, or outsourced to US allies.

We, the citizens of Colorado Springs, categorically reject the indefinite holding of any prisoners without trial and without charges filed against them, whether foreign or domestic. We reject the systematic denial of timely access to lawyers of the choosing of the prisoners needing legal representation. We reject harassment of the legal councils of all prisoners. All prisoners should immediately have access to the press, so that any mistreatment can be made public. Not to do so, is not in keeping with the processes of a democratic society, whether these prisoners be domestic or foreign.

We, the citizens of Colorado Springs, call upon the US government to immediately prosecute any officials who have abused prisoners, or denied them their due rights. This includes not just the immediate abusers of prisoners, but those in supervisory positions over those lower level employees, who directed the actions of their subordinates. We call upon our federal government to immediately initiate a grand federal investigator commission into these multiple abuses that have already been documented as having occurred, and to have them stopped at once.

Further, we the citizens of Colorado Springs, call upon our state and local authorities to renounce the use of abuse and torture of American prisoners held in local and state facilities. We are well aware that the deliberate use of sexual abuse, solitary confinement, and physical assault is rampant throughout the US in multiple correctional facilities, and that the multiple torture methods and abuse techniques and denial of rights used against our own citizens is now being incorporated into the systematic abuse of foreign POWs held by our military. Calling foreign POWs by any other name does not change their real status as POWs. If the US military has taken prisoner any foreign citizen during military engagements, then these troops we consider to be POWs, and their treatment is subject to the Geneva Conventions.

We, the citizens of Colorado Springs and our city council, especially condemn local military contracting agencies, with their many offices located inside our city limits, that have directed torture against POWs in other countries. Already US troops operating in conjunction with these private contractors have been found guilty of directing torture and abuse of prisoners in their custody. These private operatives have been documented as having shot at foreign nationals and having severely injured and murdered foreign civilians as a result. We do not consider these companies to be good citizens of our community, and urge that appropriate criminal charges be brought against companies that have violated prisoner rights per the Geneva Accords regarding humane treatment of POWs. We call upon the city, the state of Colorado, and the US federal government to cease contracting at once with these companies, and to end their immunity from having charges brought against them for their acts of criminality overseas.

Further, we the citizens of Colorado Springs, reject as dishonest and criminal any government denial at either the state, local, or national levels that these abuses are in fact occurring. The documentation is extensive and overwhelming that the US is mistreating POWs, and also prisoners within its own national criminal corrections facilities. The US government has a known and long history of using torture against POWs. Tens of thousands of US held Vietnamese POWs were tortured to death in the so-called ‘tiger cages’ and during the US “Phoenix Operations.” Similarly, the atrocities on prisoners captured by the US financed ‘Contras’ has been well documented. The US use of torture on POWs is not new. What is new is the open advocacy by federal leaders of what had been covert policy. We condemn, as citizens of Colorado Springs, this open advocacy of war crimes committed by US soldiers. We support our troops by demanding that they not be subject to orders to commit war crimes.

We the citizens of Colorado Springs and our city council, proclaim it time for the abuse to stop, and for humane treatment of all prisoners to begin. To allow our government to abuse foreign prisoners of war is to be complicit in the crime, just as continuing to allow abuse to be inflicted on our own incarcerated citizens. We reject both, and call upon our government, at all levels, to most urgently begin to humanely treat those behind bars.

The passage of this proclamation by our city council to be sent to both the Governor of the state of Colorado and to the President of the United State.

Denver not Colorado Springs

Neath the capitol stepsThe Eyes Wide Open exhibit is in Denver. The 2,700 boots span the green between City Hall and the State Capitol Building. The news reports that the memorial was not as welcomed in Colorado Springs.
A friend of mine reacted to the Colorado Springs City Council deciding to have nothing to do with the EWO Iraq War Memorial exhibit. She called it a “damn shame.” I related her words to the council today.
“It’s a damn shame, she said, that the city is unwilling to support our troops in a reverential fashion, it’s a shame the boys see only the city’s seedy tributes.”

“The city offers pawn shops to the troops, conveniently located across from the base on B-street, to prey on the financial plight of those young men. Check cashing services and furniture rental joints offer similar rip-offs. The city is happy to collect the sales tax from those activities.

“Likewise the city pays tribute with strip bars and sex shops along B-Street to prey on the soldier’s other vices. The city is pleased to collect those sales taxes.

“The soldiers are offered dealership lots filled with cars they cannot afford, but do purchase, on bad credit terms, with high insurance rates, to drive around the few months they are here between assignments.

“So it’s a damn shame the city can live off the soldiers, can tout the patriotic benefit even from their sacrifices overseas, but cannot see itself rising to the occasion of honoring the soldiers killed in the line of duty.”

I’ll admit it’s too bad that only the antiwar activists are coming forward with memorials to the fallen soldiers. I don’t see why it should be our responsibility at all. If we had our choice there would be no young men and women being sent to fight these dirty mercenary wars.

If you don’t like our memorial, do your own. But don’t sit back and pay lip service to the men and women dying in Iraq, meanwhile running a city off their government paychecks, disability checks and survivor benefits.

Support Our Troops, part III

National Guard moves in on Kent State studentsSupport the troops. These troops killed four and wounded nine unarmed anti-war student protesters at Kent State University in 1970. The soldiers from the Ohio National Guard were absolved of responsibility. They need your support.

On July 14, Bastille Day, the day on which the French celebrate the storming of their notorious Bastille prison, let’s consider the tough stance the soldiers had to take, firing at their own citizens, making the struggle for freedom and justice just that little bit more lethal.

Yes, support the ignorant, uneducated, bastard, patriotic mother-fucks being armed to stand against you the people.

Support our snively troops

Vandalism at Camp Casey
We’ve had a spate of vandalism at Camp Casey of late. It’s usually the same thing: lights broken, cinder blocks smashed, chairs upturned, fire pit stolen, banners torn and taken. They’ve taken STOP THE WAR, END WAR, WHAT NOBLE CAUSE, DEMOCRACY DEMANDS NON-VIOLENCE and many others. We simply make more. But they always leave the banner that reads SUPPORT OUR TROOPS – BRING THEM HOME NOW. What self-serving ninnies!

There might be well-intentioned, ordinary Americans caught up in Bush’s lies, out in Iraq and Afghanistan thinking they are protecting our freedoms. But they are killing innocents. They are murdering innocents. They are aiding and abeiting their fellow soldiers who are murdering innocents. At some point we’d have to say that being an idealist idiot cannot be an excuse.

Let me at these troops we’re supposed to support. I’ll spit in the face of every one of them. Idiots. Moral degenerates. Cowards. They’re afraid to do the right thing and resist immoral orders, afraid to face the brig instead of putting themselves in the position to be forced to kill innocent Iraqis and Afghanis. I sympathize with every one of them but I respect not a one. They are all cowards, idiots, killers, or scum. And their parents are indefensible.

Bring the troops home, yes. To save the lives of innocents. What should I care about the soldier’s lives? Three years into this war, it would be fair to say they’ve earned what’s coming to them in this life or the next. Cowards and bastards every one.

I’ve gotten so much heat for writing this. As I deserve. I’ve met active duty soldiers who are fine human beings, whom I like, all with their own stories of how they were caught up in what’s happened. A number are involved in the anti-war effort. I applaud their actions and really my original sentiment was harsh.

I do believe that the end of this war will have to come, as it did in Vietnam, when the soldiers themselves refuse to serve. When soldiers say no, when officers fear that their men will not follow, is when the Pentagon tells the President that this war is over.

It’s a tall order to ask of a common soldier, but it would not be a selfless act. Opting to go to the brig would be wiser than risking a tour of duty with IEDs, PTSD, permanent moral trauma, exposure to DU, the Anthrax vaccine, etc.

Support the troops

Supporting the troops? What is that?! I don’t SUPPORT OUR TROOPS! What a laugh! As the slogan goes: better to support the troops by bringing the troops home! I don’t support what the troops are doing. I don’t support that they’ve been put in harm’s way. I don’t support that they are putting thousands of others in harm’s way.

They are firing on children, firing on women, firing on civilians, using napalm, cluster bombs and depleted uranium projectiles. They’re making snap judgments that are often fatal for innocent civilians, journalists and even their own comrades.

I heard the other day a TV anchor asking if we are being too concerned about civilian casualties at the expense of our soldiers’ safety? I’m sorry but is the life of an American soldier more valuable than that of an Iraqi? I think it’s the opposite unfortunately. The Iraqi is an innocent bystander to this affair, whereas the soldier has been hired to do a dangerous job. Inherently dangerous.