The Wall Street crisis was an inside job

911 was an outside jobWHO’S LIKENING THE WALL STREET CRISIS TO 9/11?! One was perpetrated by insiders, with the collusion of the US government, to exploit citizen’s fears, and restructure our representational Democracy into an authoritarian oligarchy. Which act of state terror against the American people does this describe?

And OH MY GOODNESS, would it be anti-Zionist to notice the same cast of characters? Religion has nothing to do with it, at least I’m not about to suggest greed and avarice are inherent to one spiritual belief. We’re expected to ignore that high finance shares a common, unfairly maligned thus protected preemptively against defamation, tribal membership.

There’s an alternative solution to the emergency on Wall Street which I’ve heard floating around. Considering we’re being advised to put out the fire by enlisting the employment of a high priced bucket brigade consisting entirely of the arsonists themselves.

I favor rounding up the guilty parties, those whose pockets are bulging with the profits made from the missing leverage, and have them bail out their precious system. Their collected wealth should amount to a pretty penny.

(Not even close? Who has any idea what a billion or a trillion dollars looks like? Except maybe those who absconded with the $13B missing in Iraq. In any case, late night talk show hosts should quit joking that Barack Obama could raise the needed trillions in a month’s worth of fundraisers.)

Where was I, line them up, empty their pockets and shoot them? Naw. ASK the bankers to ante up. If they don’t want to keep their game afloat, why should we?

No really. Was this an attack on our economic system, on par with the 9/11 strike against US secular trade exploitation of the Third World? Then by their own definition it’s terrorism. These ruthless bankers are terrorists. Lock them away with their lawyers and accountants and lobbyists. Anyone who gives material support to terrorists is guilty, by their own rules.

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5 Responses to The Wall Street crisis was an inside job

  1. Avatar tony says:

    Yes, it is antisemitic, Eric. You just don’t get it do you? You culled this crap and the picture from a site dedicated to the ‘Jews are the root of all evil’ brand of racial hatred.

    So this is the root of all your nonsense about 9/11 supposedly being a ‘conspiracy’? Aren’t you a little bit ashamed that you have to scurry around always having to hide your antiJewish belief system behind a smokescreen?

    I share nothing in common with this drivel just written by you, Eric. There is little cryptic at all in it.

  2. Eric Eric says:

    You’re right, and it had little to do with my point actually. Which was, 9/21 is being spun like 9/11. Why not extrapolate from the M.O. to gain some clarity?

    I hate when my drivel isn’t up to your standard.

  3. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    You wrote some excellent articles about the US newspapers spreading around fascist hate thought against Muslims just recently. I am talking about that dvd called ‘Obsession’ which actually has more to do with the obsession of many Christians and Jews about them hating Muslims than any hatred Muslims have towards those groups. It was a sad day in our country to see this hate material being spread in mass without hardly any opposition to it being heard.

    ‘Obsession’ simply borrowed the techniques of blaming everything bad on Jews that springs from a centuries old hatred of Jews by the Christian Churches, which saw in WW2 the most horrible consequences where genocide was committed in mass on the European Jewish community by Christian troops. ‘Obsession’ took this same sort of conspiratorial approach that anti Jewish hatred has always taken, and then cast it out towards Muslims. Sadly, it directed itself not just towards having Christians doing that, but towards Jews also that respond in like manner towards the Arab and Muslim communities.

    Neither Jews nor Muslims are grand conspirators that engulf all that is bad in the world. Neither religious or ethnic group is involved in secret conspiratorial plots that are secret, hidden, and directed towards destroying all good people everywhere. By putting the Star of David on a sysmbol as you have done with your commentary, Eric, you are insinuating not one Grand Jewish plot, but two! You are sugggesting to readers that Zionist Jews conspired to attack New York City and that Zionist Jews have led Christian US into a deliberate financial collapse!

    Do I need to say more here? While I neither like Jewish or Muslim based fanaticism and can see where it leads, neither the American newspaper promotion of anti Muslim hatred via the dvd ‘Obsession’, nor your antiJewish plot and conspiracy theories are valid, Eric. You are not writing from Iran like say Ahmadinejad is, and you should fully understand the ‘niceties’ of European/ US hate speech and its subtleties, unlike the Iranian president who doesn’t, not having grown to maturity in our cultures. I can certainly cut him some slack in not amply being able to express himself to the US audience well, but what is your excuse about that?

    Israel is not behind the 9/11 events and neither is Israel leading American financial institutions towards bankruptcy. In both cases, the US ‘Christian’ government has been responsible for both events having occurred through its own utterly reactionary domestic and foreign policies. So why is the Israeli Star of David at the beginning of any commentary about either event? It should not be and it is antiJewish to put it there, even if you individually harbor no hatred toward individual Jewish people, Eric.

    We just need to be absolutely clear how we write about this stuff. It is wrong to go about loosely casting negative comments and accusations about different minority religions in our overwhelmingly Christian Nationalistic country. Enough said. There is nothing progressive about blaming everything on supposed conspiracies, especially when we connect them to Israel as you are doing.

  4. Avatar Marie Walden says:

    “It is wrong to go about loosely casting negative comments and accusations. . .”

    Tony, please tell me that the irony isn’t lost on you.

  5. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Example, please, Marie? It appears that it is you that is engaging in a personal attack here? I am responding to material that actually I find to be deeply antiJewish, and you say nothing in response to my comments about that. In fact, you distort what I wrote by cutting it off in mid sentence.
    Here below is what I actually wrote that you quoted out of all context from.

    ‘It is wrong to go about loosely casting negative comments and accusations about different minority religions in our overwhelmingly Christian Nationalistic country. Enough said.’

    Do you care to address my point, Marie?

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