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After ten years, Bush has insight into lesson of 9/11: Evil is real. Evil and courage. Two. Two lessons of 9/11…

Did you hear what George Bush said at the dedication of the memorial to the passengers of Flight 93? Apparently he said “One of the lessons of 9/11 is that evil is real, and so is courage.” Two lessons, I … Continue reading

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If you forgot which flag was behind the 9-11 false flag, it’s red, white and blue.

COLORADO COLLEGE- The ultra conservative Young America’s Foundation erected a September 11th memorial on the grounds of Colorado College consisting of little American flags stuck in the grass to commemorate the 2,977 lives lost ten years ago, since avenged 500 … Continue reading

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Why does Glenn Beck “Hate” the 9/11 families who ask questions?

Certainly can’t be that they’re “Conspiracy Theorists”. His buffoonery about the Health Care Reform being “Government Death Panels” and the Rockefeller Plaza Secret Bolshevik Symbols rants, that kind of set him in a class by himself vis-a-vis Really Lunatic Conspiracy … Continue reading

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USS NY apt reincarnation of WTC steel

Finally the USS New York, famously built from the steel of the fallen twin towers, sails into NY for a photo-op near the site of the WTC, looking every bit to me like a fortified extension of the official 9/11 … Continue reading

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Speak 2 x 4 to power, just do it.

Found this brilliant submission in the Start-Propaganda collection. The Reichtag Fire false- flag attack will have nothing on the debris of the WTC. For your 8th commemoration of the enigmatic event which is still used to justify the occupation of … Continue reading

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Who is milking 9-11

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The US government’s hatred of Arab democracy is on display in Gaza

“The democratically elected Hamas government was targeted for destruction from the day it won the elections in 2006.” With that sentence in his commentary, Nir Rosen sums up the growing Gaza massacre Gaza: the logic of colonial power, a commentary … Continue reading

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Is there any cure for Nervous Nelly Panic Disorder?

Poor liberal Nervous Nellies. They see plots everywhere! It must be quite scary for them don’t you think? Somebody is always trying to take something away from them. Liberal Nervous Nellies are the exact flip image of the Paranoid Anti-Communist, … Continue reading

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The Wall Street crisis was an inside job

WHO’S LIKENING THE WALL STREET CRISIS TO 9/11?! One was perpetrated by insiders, with the collusion of the US government, to exploit citizen’s fears, and restructure our representational Democracy into an authoritarian oligarchy. Which act of state terror against the … Continue reading

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Bob Bowman Take Back USA Patriot Tour

Dr. Bob Bowman, a national security authority and former Director of Star Wars under Presidents Ford & Carter will be speaking on the topics of “The Unseen Realities in Washington D.C.” and the State of Our Nation. If you’re looking … Continue reading

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9/11- searching for a balanced view of the events

At last a balanced perspective on 9/11, and one written by a Colorado professor up in Boulder, no less! I refer to antiwar.com’s published headline commentary CAMPOS: Very serious 9/11 untruths where Paul Campos points out that there are actually … Continue reading

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Election year 9/11 Kool-aid inoculation

The Firefight book is re-writing the emerging 9/11 narrative, re-branding, re-imprinting the 9/11 mythology for the election year McCain Neocon reelection. Continue reading

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Dave and 911 fail Dale Carnegie at KRCC

Believe what you want, but suffer the fate of Copernicus if you insist on trying to shake the system to its destruction. Copernicus tried to put the very infallibility of the church to flame. Hard to blame them for burning him. Continue reading

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Anniversary of OK City bombing fiction

Missed this anniversary date April 19, 1995. …13 years later still no real investigation or explanation other than the “lone nut” theory. Although it is fact that multiple bombs were found, then ignored and covered up. Also it is known … Continue reading

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Trekking in El Chaltén

Veni, vidi, vici! This hike to Lago de los tres in El Chaltén was my very favorite day in Argentina. It took about 9 hours round trip with stunning scenery the entire way, including bunches of glaciers. Mount Fitz Roy, … Continue reading

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Operation Able Danger the movie

For my 9-11 research friends, there’s a new movie to watch for on dvd. Operation Able Danger was tracking the 9-11 hijackers around the country beginning in 1999. The Pentagon destroyed 2.4 terabytes of information, much of it classified, illegally. … Continue reading

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Twin Towers given Second Life

No one has yet crashed a virtual plane into the virtual towers built to commemorate September 11, 2001. Indeed there are wreaths and plaques toward which to show reverence. But you can jump from the roof for another form of commemoration. Ah Second Life. Continue reading

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